Which of these ram should i buy?

I am building a new pc (core2 E6600 CPU, Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 mobo) which i want to overclock and am looking at the following 4 types of ram (2 x 1GB DDR 800) that are similar in price (lowish). Can someone tell me which would be the best choice.They are:
Geil Value GX22GB6400DC 5-5-5-15 1.8V
$458 NZD
G.Skill PK Series F2-6400CL4D-2GBPK 4-4-4-12 1.9~2.0V
$511 NZD
Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X2048-6400 5-5-5-12 1.9v
$490 NZD
Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X2048-6400C4 4-4-4-12 EPP technology 2.1v
$560 NZD
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  1. OUCH on those prices.

    In any case, it sorta depends on how far you want to overclock. RAM that contains Micron D9 chips are the best for overclocking, and the Corsair ones you've shown are the only ones that have D9 chips. However, the Gigabyte DS3 had some issues with the D9 chips, but I think that's been sorted out with the newest BIOS.

    However, I hear that Corsair switched to the Promo ICs from the Microns, but I haven't been able to find an up-to-date listing of what's been changed, or what models.

    Either way, your best bet is probably the Corsair. CL4 is the best but costs more too, the CL5 stuff will still perform well, depends on your budget though.

    So basically, if you want to go for the highest overclocks, then out of your list get the Corsair and update your mobo to the newest BIOS. If you're not going for really high overclocks, get whatever you can afford and you'll do ok.
  2. I would get the CAS 5 XMS2 because it will almost always run 4-4-4-12 at the 2.1v that the CAS 4 runs.
  3. Those prices are pretty high.

    I'd take the Corsair C4's if I had to pick from the ones you listed... but if I were you I'd consider ordering http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820609026 from Newegg. Even with international shipping and any currency exchange fee you have to pay your credit card company you'd be saving money. The price won't be anywhere near the $380 USD you'd be paying for the C4's. And you'd have better overclocking memory (with micron chips).
  4. Quote:
    I would get the CAS 5 XMS2 because it will almost always run 4-4-4-12 at the 2.1v that the CAS 4 runs.

    That is true... It is likely the cas 5 sticks would overclock to tighter timings with a higher voltage.
  5. Thanks for the replys. I will go with one of the corsair. Most hardware here in New Zealand is quite a bit more expensive than the US and a lot of less common hardware that i read about is unavailable. Small population, limited importers has an effect unfortunately. New Egg does not export to NZ and i have found it hard to find a price competitive online shop that does.
  6. All the popular US computer online stores stop shipping to Canada for some reason, they used too, but not anymore :(
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