Stupid question about front panel case wires Jeantech Nitro

I'm connecting up the front panel on my Jeantech Nitro.

To my Gigbyte GA-965P-DS3

In the Giga manual it states that the polarities must be correct for the front panel connections or it will cause damage.

Unfortunately some of the connections are not labelled for polarity.

They are just colour coded orange and white etc.

Do I take it that the white cable is the negative as there is no information with the Case or on the Case website.

Also the USB front panel connectors the motherboard has two rows for each connector they are:

Power, USB DX-, USB DX+, GND


Power, USB Dy-, USB Dy+, GND

yet on the front panel cable its labelled : Power, USB D-, USB D+, GND

So which row do I use?

Sorry for the stupid questions this is my 2nd build and my last build was 7 years ago.
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  1. You have a row with 4 pins and a row with 5 pins.
    If I understand right you are trying to connect 4 pins, not 10 pins.
    Use the row with 4 pins.
    The red wire (Power) goes to the front.
    Actually you could use the other row also leaving the last pin unused.
    This illustration might help you.
  2. Make sure you do it right or you could burn out the motherboard. It will start to smell in the room like melting silicon if it is not done properly.
    If the computer does not beep or if it beeps stangely, cut off the power immediately and look at your wires.
    I had the bad adventure of burning out a motherboard due to improper connection.
  3. thanks do I connect both the grounds for each usb port, theres a ground on the 4 pin plug wich is all plugged into the 4 pin row and a separate flying ground which I connected on the 5 pin row.
  4. Connect all the 4 pins. Do not connect the 5th pin to anything, even if there is a loose wire hanging around.
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