DVD RW and MPEG-2 encoding/decoding movie files.

Does anyone any free software that allows me to encode/decode MPEG-2 movie files, or some method? I want to burn my .wmv files to a dvd to view on my dvd player. Thanks.
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  1. Try BlazeMediaPro

    Its a fully functional trial (30days?) Anyway, its the best I have used, and it does much...much more. Worth buying..
  2. Ugh, CSS protection is really hard to crack, it isn't possible yet.
  3. AnyDvd, Dvd43. There are a number of decryptors out that can break CSS encryption, on some newer movies it doesnt take AnyDvd long to come out with an update. AnyDvd costs about $45.00 but you get it for life with free updates as well, just dont lose your registration key.
  4. Quote:
    Ugh, CSS protection is really hard to crack, it isn't possible yet.

    Ugh, try DVDShrink. Available on many internet sites. Doesn't burn, but it does decrypt CSS DVD's, and it does it well.

    As for writing .wmv to DVD, there's also a utility from Pegasys called TMPGEnc DVD Author which should be able to deal with .wmv.
  5. Dvd Shrink is no longer updated as the guy who wrote the software has gone to work for Nero, it wont decrypt alot of newer movies but can be used with AnyDvd.
  6. Tell my library that. I think I've had 2 movies that haven't worked with DVDShrink (and I've backed up about 200 movies).

    I'm not in front of _that_ machine right now, but I have one other utility that does the ones shrink can't. But, it's not a freebee either.
  7. How are you decrypting the movies? Are you doing just movie only back ups? I am curious on how your doing it as it is something that can add one more option to use.
  8. DVD Decrypter works very well. Only one I havent been able to back up is Resident Evil. And its free.

    It only rips the VOB files, you need DrDivx or something if you want a non-dvd conversion.
  9. Are you doing a movie only back up? Some movies put more then CSS encryption in with the extras such as Sony Arcross, puppet lock, bad sectors.
  10. Yes. The program defeats those well.
    Try it out if you want. (for backup DVD's)
  11. I havent used Dvd Shrink in atleast a year. The most common protection is CSS but there are some others that some movie companys put in with the extras to make it harder. With the programs I have AnyDvd works great, its quick and simple and works as a driver in the background. With the programs I use I can have a back up done in about 20-25 minutes from start to end.
  12. Well, all I really need is something that can change/burn .wmv files already on the computer into something that my DVD player can read.
    The make Video CD option on Nero is still available, and that burns the .wmv files onto a CD; but I would like to burn them to a DVD.
  13. Buy dvd authorization software, like Pinnacle studio or something.
  14. Quote:
    Ugh, CSS protection is really hard to crack, it isn't possible yet.

    Uh, You can't be serious...
  15. Try doing a Google search for programs that can convert WMV files to dvd files, or there is one program you can give a try that I know of but I only tried it a couple of times or so and that was about it.

  16. ConvertXtoDVD : convert avi to dvd with burning video converter software

    This works well for me, I've had no problems & others that have run it have been happy too.

    AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 is what I use for backing up DVD movies.

    None of it's free, but if you look it can be. :wink:
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