Need help find a MB with atleast 4 P-ATA and 2 S-ATA ide

Need help find a MB with atleast 4 P-ATA and atleast 2 S-ATA ide drive connections so I can use my old P-ATA drives. I would like to use the Core 2 Duo CPUs and DDR (if possible) or DDR2.

Or better any P-ATA boards addon with 4 - 6 P-ATA connectors that will work with 6+ S-ATA drives?

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  1. Asus P5N-E SLI will let you connect 4 PATA & 4SATA drives
  2. Hi. I'm also looking for a Core 2 Duo MB that has 2 IDE ports. But I want to keep using my AGP graphics card for now (budget!), and the ASUS P5N-E SLI that was suggested doesn't have an AGP port.

    Any other suggestions? I'd like for the MB to be capable of a bit of O/Cing too...
  3. I've found a solution! Using this (very cheap!) converter: I can attach an IDE device to a SATA cable - hooray! Thus I can choose a MB with only one IDE port (much more choice, and I should be able to find a good O/Cer with an AGP port - right?)
  4. Quote:
    (much more choice, and I should be able to find a good O/Cer with an AGP port - right?)

    not too many good overclocking C2D mobos with AGP ...
  5. yeah, I'm finding that. Drat! Any suggestions?

    Edit: Actually, I'd settle for ANY C2D or AthlonX2 mb with AGP...

    ... well, I've found just the one, the ASRock AM2NF3-VSTA ...but ASRock seem to be quite an obscure mb manufacturer, and I expect the board will be pretty pants :(
  6. Quote:
    Edit: Actually, I'd settle for ANY C2D or AthlonX2 mb with AGP...

    I think all you're going to find a few relatively old motherboards. I did a search on for AGP motherboards that support Core 2 and only these 3 micro ATX boards came back.

    PC CHIPS P23G (V3.0) LGA 775 VIA P4M800 PRO Micro ATX
    ECS P4M800PRO-M (V2.0) LGA 775 VIA P4M800 PRO Micro ATX
    ASUS P5PE-VM LGA 775 Intel 865G Micro ATX

  7. About the only luck you will have will be to go with a VIA chipset on your MB if you want to keep your AGP. Asrock isnt so bad but their 1 year warranty doesnt hold up to the 3 year warranties some companies offer. What kind of AGP card are you running? Do you have DDR or DDR2 memory already? To broaden your choices, you might look at an inexpensive pci-e gpu. To date, Ive seen the epox 965p board on newegg that supports driverless ide on two ports, but each port only supports one device with no slave drives. Abit just recently came out with an inexpensive 965p motherboard that has two ide ports but I dont know if they support master and slave drives or just master drives like the epox (Abit doesnt have the manual online yet). Also the Abit board will be a nogo for overclocking. If you want to do that go with the epox board.
    most flexible VIA AGP/PCI-E choice=
  8. *looks at the specs of the ASRock 775Dual-VSTA*

    *jaw drops*

    oh - my - gosh...

    that's PERFECT!!!

    That's perfect, cos I can keep my PC2700 DDR RAM and my nice dualhead AGP, but then upgrade to PCIE and DDR2 later - *and* I can have my 2 IDE ports AND a Core 2 Duo!!!! YAY!!!!! :D

    ...I'm feeling a lot of wuv for you right now! :D Pax2All, you ROCK!!! 8) (and thanks for all the other replies guys :) )
  9. The catch ... as much as there is one ... with the ASRock 775Dual-VSTA is that it is a lower end motherboard. There are vague unknowable questions about "quality". A more solid con if you overclock is that this board does not overclock. Also you cannot use more than 2 memory slots at any one time. (If, for example, you had 4x 512MB of DDR, you'd only be able to use 2x of it in the ASRock 775Dual-VSTA).

    Finally, the PCIe slot is only 4x channels. My understanding is that is not really a bottleneck with the current crop of low to mid-range video cards. But it is a limitation you should be aware of.

    But so long as you understand what you're buying it seems a good niche market bet. I might have gone that way if I had owned any DDR memory, but I do not. As a compromise migration solution it only made sense to me when carrying forward both DDR memory and an AGP card.

    BTW, you might also want to look at Intel's new E4300 processor. It runs stock with an 800 FSB and has a 9x multiplier. Might be a better match than an E6300 ... when they are available (about a week or two?) and selling for their expected price of ~$163. The ASRock mobo will probably also need a BIOS upgrade to recognize/accept the new processor.

    -john, the upgrade cheapskate redundant legacy dinosaur
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