Installing a single sata2 drive on Giga GA-965P-DS3

I need to install a single Sata2 drive to a Giga GA-965P-DS3 mobo.

I havent built a system for about 7 years and everything was IDE back then and fairly simple.

I have just built the crate and everything is connected including the drive and ready to switch on to the bios but is there an idiots guide to setting up a single sata2 drive? As I havent done this before and Ive got the feeling its not plug and play. I only have a DVDR and no Floppy.


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  1. Just disable RAID mode. It'll be picked up as if it were IDE.
  2. Should be plug and play. I just completed a build with that board and a Seagate 320gb SATA drive. No complications at all.
  3. Quote:
    Just disable RAID mode. It'll be picked up as if it were IDE.

    On my DS3 RAID mode is not selected by default, standard IDE mode is. If the OP's SATA drive doesn't work right off the bat I might try switching to SATA legacy mode in the bios as SATA native is selected by default. ...but I'd not think you'd need to do this or anything else special to get a single SATA drive to work. ...on this board SATA2 is nothing special that should require anything special. I have 3 SATA 2 drives installed and never had to pay attention to any special bios settings to get them to work.

    I've used bios versions F7-F9 with good results. Good luck.
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