Drives not working

I need help with something that has me stummped. Here is what my rig is like

Home built:
asus p4c800 deluxe motherboard
3.2 ghz e
2 gig ram
x850 Ati card
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty
plextor DVD player
Lite-on CDR

A few months ago I started having a problem when you put a cd in the cdrom it will not read anything at all. It shows up in device manager as working properly, however when you explore the drive it does not show a disk in the drive. You click on the drive letter and it does not give you a message to put in a disk, but it acts like a disk is not in the drive. Then a month later I had the same problem with my DVD burner. I replaced the IDE cable twice and still don't get anything.

I tried to reinstall windows, but it acts like the disk is not in the drive. I don't even here the drive spinning. I took out the drives and tried them in another computer and they worked fine. When I put them back in the old pc they still do not work.

I can't boot from a cd and nothing is reading. Is it possable that the controller is dead? Should I remove all of the ide controllers from device manager and let windows reinstall it?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Ok I uninstalled the controllers, restarted the pc and still nothing. I did see the green light flickering like the drive was working. I replaced the cable, took the cables off and restarted the computer. I am flat stumped on this one. If the drives were fried, why would I get a blinking light and sound as if the drive is reading, but when you try to run or even look at what is on the disk, it acts like nothing is on the disk?

    I am not sure the drives are both fried, but could be possibility.

  2. in device manager, can you see if your drives are running in PIO mode, or DMA mode.

    If PIO mode, set them to DMA mode. (if you need help doing this let me know).

    Also, can you test the drives in another computer?
  3. compita rep,

    You can see them in device manager. I am not sure how to check if the drives are in PIO mode or DMA mode. How do you check if it is in PIO and how do you change it to DMA?

    I have an older oc I can put them in and check them out.
  4. thats the best way. If the drives work fine in the other computer... we have eliminated the drives from the problem.

    PIO or DMA:

    1 Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
    2 Select the properties of the controller your drives are on (or just guess, it doesn't matter)

    3 select the advanced settings tab
    4 the devices should be showing DMA under current transfer mode. If not, select "DMA if available" and reboot.

    A properly working drive should run in DMA mode, and in PIO mode, you can experience many problems.
  5. Thanks. I will take a look tonight. I will first check to see if they are running in PIO or DMA before I go throught the hassel of removing the drives. If they are in DMA then I will try them in my other pc. I will let you know tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help to start!
  6. Ok the drives were both on DMA. I still am not getting anything. I am going to install a new drive and see if that takes care of the problem.
  7. Ok! im here. Good Luck.
  8. Ok the new drive is working like a charm. However my DVD Burner is not wiorking at all. I will have to try and fix that tomorrow. However when I go into explore I do nopt see the cd drive. I have reinstalled windows so I think all of this should have been fixed.
  9. When I plug the DVD Burner back inline both do not show up in Explorer. I wonder if the DVD burner is shot and is the cause of it all.
  10. I got the CD burner working even when I plug in the DVD burner. I have tried 3 drives in the second spot and none of them work. It acts like you have a blank disk in the drive. I am wondering if the controller is hosed for the second drive. I have one option I am going to try tonight. I can add the dvd drive on the same cable as one of my hard drives and see if it works. If it does then I know I can not hook up two drives on the one cable and the controller might be bad.

    Any thoughts on this?
  11. For a DVD burner you need an 80 wire cable.
  12. I have the 80 wire cable installed and still nothing.
  13. well let us know if the drive works on the ide cable that your hard drive is on.
  14. IT's possible that the laser on the drive is dead, or the electronics on the drive itself are shot. Are you sure that all the power pins in the molex conector are making good contact? If the 5v is not all the way in the motor will work, eject will work and a disk inserted into the drive will spinup, but the control electronics won't work. Just something else to check out.
  15. ok it is offical I am ready to use a hammer on my pc. I tried the dvd drive on the same ide cable as the hard drive. Still does not work. I replaced the cable and hooked it up for both cd & dvd drive.

    No the dang pc won't boot. I am begingin to wonder if it is the motherboard acting up. I got it to boot once and I got a message: " not a bootable drive" Now all I get is beeping and nothing.

    Here is how everything is set up:

    1 hard drive is on the primary IDE controller.
    cd & dvd are on the secondary IDE controller
    1 Raptor 74 GB SATA by itself

    I have pulled out ram, graphics card, both hard drives and both burners. I cleaned them all and reinstalled them to make sure I did not bump something. I even made sure the motherbard was not touching. I thought I might have pushed out a standoff and the board was touching the case.
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