Need help deciding how to upgrade

Well, here's the problem. My Current System is
ECS 848p-a motherboard (crap i know, but cheap)
P4 3.0Ghz Prescott
512MB of pc3200 DDR
Ati x700 AGP video card
2 IDE harddrives (size irrelevant)
stock cooling on everything

I really need an upgrade as playing games has lost its fun...neverwinter nights 2 chugs along at 3-12FPS, and FPS games are choppy, even on lowest resolution.

Originally I was going to buy a C2Duo system, but it would cost too much money because i'd have to get new HDD's and new ram and new video card...

I am on a budget, and was wondering is anyone could give me a suggestion how i can upgrade to something a bit more current, on the cheap...i'm thinking i want a ATI x1950 pro far as intel/amd, i know intel is blowing amd out of the water...but i don't care which brand, i need something to last about 2 years then i'll build myself a new top of the line system from scratch...
please can i get a few suggestions?
cheers guys
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  1. What's your budget? Need to know how much of someone elses money I have to work with before spending it.
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