Is this a decent OC setup for my E6400?

A lot of the OCing stuff is over my head. Tweaking voltages, keeping certain ratios, etc. Seems to be a lot more going into it then I know about. That being said, I decided to fool around with my new setup and this is what I came up with.

The only changes I have made are to the CPU ratio and frequency, using the program that came with my motherboard (Asus P5B Delux).

Is this a decent/reliable way to go? Temps seem to be decent with the OEM HSF...which is my main concern.

Any input?
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  1. Read temps with CoreTemp or Intel TAT. Have you tried any load testing like Orthos or Prime95? Intel TAT has the most severe load-testing, and will push your CPU temp the highest.

    Your voltage looks way higher than should be needed for this OC, and your RAM timings look like just what's on the SPD. What are the specs on your RAM?
  2. I think most will agree when I say that you should be OCing thru the bios, and not using a software program to do it. I douldn't tell you why though. :) If you haven't, read wusy's OC guide. It will get you going in the right direction.
  3. I currently have my E6400 overclocked to 2.65 GHZ and i left all the voltages default and memory timings are set at 5-5-5-12 (default timings).

    Edit: Forgot to mention that my CPU is running ~45-47 Idle and about ~57-60 on fullload. My apartment is kinda hot and i am not going to overclock it anymore right now but when i go over to my parents house it runs about 8C cooler.
  4. My E6300 never gets that warm even running double prime 95s, and its clocked at 2.9ghz on air. It idles around 32 usually and never tops 38 during gaming, like playing oblivion. I don't think you will damage your CPU, or that its much danger, but maybe you could tell us what sort of heatsink you're using, maybe its partly to blame. And as far as using software tools for overclocking, I have had good experiences with Abits ones, but the Gigabyte one I have is useless, so I have to use the BIOS one to get good results, and would normaly reccomend it. Your chip can go way higher, but if its getting as hot as it is doing, then you're probably best not going over 3ghz.
  5. ram = Click

    OEM heatsink for the CPU..

    tried out prime95 and it hit 60c before i turned it off...
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