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I have changed my mind about upgrading my current S939 rig and getting a C2D system, but instead of the e6600 OCed to 3 ghz I am now leaning towards getting the e6400 and OCing it to 2.67 (I'm not really interested in getting massive overclocks, just boosting performance a bit).

Now, the 6300 and 6400 getting 4 MB cache in Q2 I believe and the e4000 series comes out relatively soon as well I hear, but with 800 mhz FSB, 2 mb cache and no VT.

I have heard that the extra 2 MB of cache would only boost performace by about 5%, is this correct?

And with the e4000 series, what type of performance degredation would the 800 mhz FSB show, if any?

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  1. i have been building oc, intel systems for years - lots of them all overclocked - wait for the q6600,q6400 for $500. or get the e6300 and resell it later and replace it with q-series in 3-4 months when prices drop.

    intel mens to put amd out of business, i mean, they are sticking it too amd with low prices. look for a $500 quad core soon - 6/07 or sooner.

    Intels new v8 is a joke - its just to stick it to amd on their 4x4 that "thats a dumb idea" but we can do it too!

    set up you system for quad core upgrade - here's what u need to do:
    if u do not want to tear the system back down later for an upgrade, then look for intel type push connectors on a big/LARGE aftermarket cooler (w/12cm fan) - that way u can just turn the nobs and release the cooler and replace the chip. the 12 cm fan will psu 55-60cfm quietly and 35+cfm at near silence.

    research thermal right - i can not say which one.

    c2d is 65w not much more oc but the quad core is 130w - you need a good thermal right cooler that blows down. downward air is key

    i only use asus boards now - i used use gig and abit too but now is stick with asus unless its a give away. the north bridge is air cooled - down firing 12cm fan on the cpu cooler helps cool the nb. the larger thermal right coolers will allow high oc with mid lvl temps.

    quad core is the way to go!
  2. I like the 6420 - more cache will become more important as programs grow so maybe 5% on average now but likely a higher % as time goes on.

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