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I'm having problems with my SCSI array, and I came across some info that says I need to enable advanced performance for the logical drive, however I don't have that option. Instead, I have "Optimize for Quick Removal", and the "Enable Advanced Performance" option isn't even there....

Another server I have has "Enable Advanced Performance," but it's running R2.

I'm running Windows 2003 SP1.

Any ideas why I'm missing 2 options in my list for my Hard Drives?

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  1. I think that is an R2 enhancement from within MMC 3.0. Check with your reseller.
  2. its available in 2003 SP1 as well. (enterprise at least)

    their will be 4 settings on that screen depending on the capabilities of your controller.

    Optimize for Quick Removal.
    Optimize for Performance.
    Enable write caching.
    Enable advanced performance.
  3. I hate MS Licensing!
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