Radeon X850XT for this much? Why is this card special?


Is this believable and maybe a little overpriced?
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  1. Obviously this company is aiming to sell this card to the "moron" market.
  2. It's older tech, but still a great card for less than $150. 8O $400 is WAY too much.

    Edit: oops
  3. When it came out like 2 years ago, it was worth it. Nothing special about it now.

    Right now, it's WAY overpriced.

    Don't touch it.
  4. thats nothing, i used froogle one day and some crap little site was selling it for 650. i emailed them and asked how they thought it was worth that much, alas no reply.
  5. LoL and its not even an A-I-W version.
  6. That card is probably worth at $120 or $130 at max. Is still good for AGP systems. BUT NOT FOR $400!!!
  7. Yeah, $400 is just ludicrous. If it were like $150, that would be acceptable as it's NIB and Built-by-ATi. Even then, I'd probably opt for something else.
  8. I picked this card up about a month ago at a cpu fair for $120 pcie version, compares with my 7600 gt.

    Its supply and demand I looked up prices on the card just to make sure I got a good deal and found it being sold for $299 to $450. I was pretty shocked that was the oringinal retail price when the x800 were being sold for around $249, wich you can find $80-100 now.

    So like slim said for under $130 its good but I think they stocked up on them when they were selling for that price and are still trying to make a good profit margin on it.
  9. i think this web pages where never refreshed since they where built (maybe one or two times). So, this product wasn't sold anymore and the price tag remained the same.
  10. well actually when I first saw it and post the link it was around $580! Now its dropped to $395 lol
  11. Come on guys, you know with free shipping it's a great deal.
  12. I thought it would be a great card for a system I built a buddy for X-Mas. I got a x850xt PE for $110 via E-bay. It is about on par with the 7600GT card I put in my wife's computer.

    The sad thing is though, that my buddy is a HUGE Rainbow Six fan, and he can't play Vegas because it requires a Shader Model 3.0 card, and the x850xt is only a SM 2.0 card.

    So, if anyone is thinking about picking one up, keep this in mind. You're better off with a 7600GT or x1650 or something newer that is in the same price range.
  13. hehe, I just say another crazy "deal"...a 9600xt for $169.00!!! Now there's something you can't pass up. You know they won't last! :wink:

    -The String
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