my sad story


in the last month i bought no less than four high end air cooler :
- zalman 9500 (was not very satisfied with it 58 full load with 6600 at 3.2 at 1.425v)
- so i bought zalman 9700 (was satisfied 55 degre full load TAT with 12 hours dual prime95 at same o/C CPU than zalman 9500)
but i bought a evga and i dont want risk to break the resistorS behind the mb, im not good at modding things even backplate of the zalman) so i bought - big typhoon vx, i received it today, installing it was not very hard, i then started pc went into bios and saw 27 degre celsius for cpu non o/C of course at 1.28v..but once i installed windows xp my temp went idle at 42 degres TAT, still showing 27 degre under bios tho (/shrug), in fact i think my case sux (amg1080 antec) cause its not very deep, the top of the big typhoon (the fan) is at about 3 cm of the side of thecase, that means all the hot air returns right on the hsf, cause my rear fan is BEHIND the fan of the big typhoon..... i think it causes a very bad airflow, plus i have 2 8800gtx and even with their fan at 100% they get very hot at idle, non o/c they idle at 70 degre... my case gets hot outside.. when i open the case i can feel hot air that i didnt have with my p5b deluxe even o/Ced....
SO finally i ordered a scythe infinity cause the fan will push the air directly in the direction of the rear so that will definitively give a better airflow...

WELL that was my sad story.. A lot of cash wasted for 3 air cooler than i wont use anymore with my evga im thinking of buying a aftermark chipset fan , cause mcp idles at 60 degres...

BUT i'd like adding than i just installed windows on my new mb for the first time, installed p23bios, and didnt have any stability issue yet.. i hope it keeps being like that. well thats true i didnt play any game neither yet, not stressed the system yet, just installed windows xp and some system softwares :p

I think this post sucks but i had to say my sad story...OH yeah baby very sad one....
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  1. Ouch. Next time around you might as well spend the money on a well-ventilated case and a water-cooling setup.
  2. I think your problem was the case. I heard of people using teh Zalman 9500 and 9700 series w/out problems in the evga 680i (modding a little bit according to newegg reviews) they even show what to do to install it in the evga 680i.
  3. Since the case has problems with space and cooling to start with, I think I would have bought a better case before buying all those coolers. At least you might be able to sell the extra coolers to someone.
  4. Lesson learned I hope.
  5. Being that you have two 8800 GTX's I don't feel bad for you spending $100 or so on air coolers :P Shame on you for buying Zalman!
  6. Quote:
    I think your problem was the case. I heard of people using teh Zalman 9500 and 9700 series w/out problems in the evga 680i (modding a little bit according to newegg reviews) they even show what to do to install it in the evga 680i.

    hi, I bought a Zalman 9700 yesterday, and I have too the 680i + 8800GTX, can you link me to one of the sites, where the mods are, I dont want to mess up with this board, and everything is perfect so far, want to remain that way!
  7. Ok, let me find it and Ill post it here.
  8. From NewEgg Customer Reviews of the Zalman CNPS9700 Retail

    Other Thoughts: had no problems installing this on my evga 680i board. didn't really see what people where talking about.

    Other Thoughts: This comes with a Vile of Thermalpaste.. it is perfect! Not all thick and messy like the arctic silver and the nail polish style bottle makes spreading easy and less lumpy for a better contact surface. Good overall style. The Blue LED's glowing through the Copper is nice. If there are ever any post in regards to modifying the 680I Motherboard these people are mistaken. Otherboards, I don't know.

    This one might help
    Cons: Only problem is i had to mod the backplate with an xacto knife. My evga 680i mobo has capacitors on the back that kinda get in the way to have a good fit. Not a big deal and not really zalman's fault. Wish i had a dremel tho.

    Here is your master ticket!!!

    Pros: It's BIG I mean it's friggin Huge but it works great. It keeps my E6700 at 37deg C Idle and 42deg C under load at stock speed. The supplied Thermal grease is a snap to put on compared to like Arctic Silver 5 and it works just as good. Very big fan that can also help push air out the back of the case. Does fit EVGA 680i board with some modding.

    Cons: Only negative thing is to use it on a EVGA 680i board you must modify the backing plate to clear some capacitors but that takes about 5 minutes with a dremel tool. There are some guides on the EVGA Forums how to do this. It's not a big deal.

    Other Thoughts: I am using it in a Lian-Li PC65 case so the size was not a problem. Other then modding it to fit the EVGA 680i board this cooler is a great choice. Zalman has come up with a very nice product. Just make sure you measure your case so it fits.

    So there it is, If you have any questions, go to the eVGA board forums and they should have the answer to what moddify ;)
  9. Thank you very much Slim! :D , the moment I have it installed, I will post pictures, and tell about my experience!

    Thanks! Again!!!
  10. You are welcome :wink:

    I would really like to see some pics! if you have any probls, just post them here and we will help :wink:

    I might post some picz too because tomorrow Im getting the CNPS9700 for my striker too :P
  11. Nunca vi que eras de argentina 8)

    Pues yo soy Peruano 8)
  12. MaxZza!! 8) Re copado hablar en castellano de vez en cuando, pero paremos aca, por que los MODs nos van a retar :wink:

  13. To be real, I havent see any moderator around here. I do know that they are watching us :roll:
    Still, I dont think they can give us any kind of punishment because we talk in spanish, since this is an international forum anybody can talk in the language they want right?

    Getting off-topic :roll:
  14. The sad part of the story is you have more money than brains. None of the temp you posted are bad for an air cooling with your setup OC'd. The 8800 are the main problem without ducting or liquid cooling they will raise the ambient temp of you case dramatically no matter what case you have. Speaking of which have you checked the temp of the cards? I'll guess they are running on the hot side of safe as well.
  15. I own the zalman 9700 with an X6800 OCed to 3.4. At idle mytemps are 42c full load 46-48c. The fan on your 9700 should be facing your ram so its pushing the hot air towards the rear fan on your case.Just make sure the fan on the rear of the case is exhust. Like alot of people said, most iof your problem is your case.With two 8800GTXs thats alot of hot air in a small case with no where to go.I justwent with a CoolerMaster all Black 830 KKN2 case. I'm running two 120cm fans in the front,one on in the rear,two on the side fan cage door as well as a 300mm crossflow on the cage door also.I've managed to get both of my 8800GTX's down to 50c at idle and 55 ful load. You can find the caseat for $250 they are one of only 3sites to carry the all black version. And the cheapest of all 3.
  16. You have your GTX or GTS at 55 at load? I find it very hard to believe can get any air cooled GTX at 55 load much less two of them...
  17. It's plausible. Have you read the fan setup he has? If not, recheck. There isn't any air hanging around for too long in that wind tunnel.
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