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Well, there's something wrong with my computer. Everytime I power it up a black screen comes up asking me to "Start Windows normally" or something Startup Repair. When I choose start Windows normally, the Windows logo appears, then stops it's animation, goes to a blue screen with white text, that tells me to check my computer for viruses, and only appears for a second. Then my computer restarts. When I choose the other option It goes into Startup Repairs and starts repairing disk errors, but it seems like it will go on forever. I've tried going into safe mode but the option never appears, only the two previously mentioned appear. I think the problem started when my laptop ran out of juice and shuted off. When this happens I have to hold the power button to shut the laptop off. So when that happens, after I charge it and power up a black screen appears giving me options such as starting Windows normally. So I chose that option, and the screen went black (not completely black but sort of grayish) and it never started up so I decided to power it off manually again. So the options screen appears again and I choose start windows normally again and I could log in and use my computer. When I started up, there were alerts telling me that theres something wrond with some disk. I clicked on it to see if I could fix the problem but nothing would happen. There were about three alerts and one said something about GoogleChrome.exe. I kept on using the computer normally and then shut it off. I dont really remember what I did next but I think after a while I tried to use my computer again and the two options (start windows normally/startup repair) appeared. Then I kept trying each option but my computer would never start. Any help? I read somewhere that the only solution is to restore my computer and install Windows 7 again, but I don't have the money to buy it. Do you think there are any alternatives or should I go to a shop? Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks for reading this!
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  1. Sounds like your drive is dead or dying. Get a new hard-drive and install Windows on that. You don't have to buy it again, just contact the vendor of the computer for a restore disk. If the system is out of warranty you may need to pay a fee to get the disk, but it's much cheaper than a new Windows disk.
  2. Is your battery holding a charge? You may need a new battery because it would not be putting out enough power. It seems like this is when all your problems started.
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    In order to fix this problem, follow these steps:
    1. Try restarting the computer, and press F8 (the function 8 key) after the BIOS boot screen (Manufacturer splash screen) 2. This should give you the list of (Start Windows Normally, Safe Mode, ETC.) Find the option called “Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure”.
    3. Select this option, and continue booting. This will allow you to see the bluescreen for more than a "microsecond."
    4. Now insert your Vista DVD in the computer's drive and boot from it (if your computer doesn't boot from it automatically, you'll have to access the for your laptop and select the CD/DVD drive option.
    5. Once you boot from the DVD and the windows - like screen comes up, click continue, then Repair My Computer. (Bottom left of the second window.) You should be able to run startup repair from here, and it should recover your operating system to the default state.
    You must need to carefully follow the above steps as any wrong step may cause the serious problem with your computer system. As you must need to be little advanced to be work in Windows BIOS, you can download Windows Vista repair Tool which will help you to fix your problem with Windows Vista. You can read the instruction to use this tool on this page:
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