Will 550wt PSU be enough for this system?

I just ordered the components for my first build, but am not sure about the PSU. Will it be enough? Even if I overclock?

Here is the plan:

Antec P180 Case
E6600 Conroe CPU
Asus P5W DH Mobo
2 Gig Corsair XMS RAM
Sapphire X1950XTX GPU
Seagate 7900.10 320Gig HD
Samsung 18X DVD/CD RW
Old Audigy Sound Card
Old 80gig PATA Drive
Old 40gig PATA Drive
Old (but never used) BFG 550wt PSU

I've never overclocked before, but want to with this system...to whatever amount is advisable on air cooling.

Will this PSU be adequate, before or after OC?

Thank you!
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  1. It says:

    +12.0V 1/O = 18.0A, +12V CPU = 18 0A

    Does combined simply mean add those together, equalling 36, and so Im good to go?

    Thanks for your help
  2. I just noticed that link in your sig a little while ago and have now read it. Im still confused, however.

    I'm not sure what numbers I should be plugging into the formula because I don't see how you know how much wattage it left for the the 12v rails after subtracting the 3 & 5.

    For instance, the label says the 3 & 5 have a max of 201w. So:

    550 - 201 = 349.
    349/12 = 29.083A

    But of course the article says you cant just subtract the 3 & 5 total of 201 from the overall 550w...that is where I get lost. How do you know the watt available to the 12v rails?

    I'm sure the article actually does explain all of this very clearly and Im just misreading/misunderstanding some part of it.
  3. Well crap. It does not have such a connector.

    Are you saying that the 450w PSU in that link is what you'd reccommend? Seems weak, inexpensive.

    If not, would you mind terribly just recommending one?
  4. Heh, thanks for straightening me out :) I certainly like the thought that I dont *need* a $100+, high-watt PSU.

    Btw, I also found this PCIe to molex adapter:


    Would something like this be be a-OK? Then I wouldn't have have to buy a new PSU at all (at least not until OCing, it seems).
  5. Excellent. I think that will be OK then, at least for the near future. Hope compusa has one in stock.

    I appreciate all of your help today, thanks for bearing with me.

    Btw, I got all of my parts today. Damn newegg is fast. Now the real fun begins... :twisted:

  6. Yeah, I agree, it should have. Was not OEM either.
  7. Kick @ss!

    The vid card did not have one, but as I was putting the PSU back into its box, I found it had a adapter tucked away into the masses of bubble wrap! LoL, I just never noticed.


    And Fedx says my Tuniq Tower is on a truck, ready to be delivered at any moment. The last piece of the puzzle.

    Let the games begin...
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