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I have Windows 7 and have been using Office 2003 with no problems. I decided to install Office 2007 Standard Upgrade - had no problems. I noticed that the install did not clear oiut 2003, so asked Microsoft what I should do. They sent me a link to a Microsoft Install Cleanup and suggested I use this to get rid of Office 2003. The link worked, or so I thought... now I cannot get to any of my files -- nothing works on 2007. I do not believe the 2007 installed correctly. I let Microsoft know of the new problem and they are suggesting I change my registry keys -- I am not feeling good about this. What to do? I cannot use Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint (nor Publisher 2007, which was an earlier separate install independent of Office 2007 -- and it was working fine before now).
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  1. The simple solution would be to uninstall both versions of Office via the control panel (you will not lose your files- even though you should back them all up, including your outlook items) and then re-install office 2007.
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