Slow file copy

I am running 64 bit win7 Pro.
6GB RAM Triple Channel 15ns latency
i780 CPU
HDD: Raptor 300gb

when ever I copy files to and from external USB devices the progress bar moves along nicely but as it get to 90% and especially 95% it gets stuck and just sits there for, like over a minute, and then completes OK.

In the odd case it will get stuck at 60% for a minute and then move along as if nothing happened.

I like to copy files bigger than 1 gig.

Any ideas> :??:
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  1. Hello

    It might be that your external device is slowing down the process because it could have a lower data transfer speed than your computer.

    this isnt really a solution on how to fix it but if it is the case then a new external device will need to be purchased

  2. thanks for the input guys, I will look into Tera copy but this external is my 1Gig Mede8tor and I don't plan on changing it. In fact I get this issue with any drive I use. So, maybe my problem is deeper than using a file transfer app?
    Maybe I need to get my desktop to an IT guru and make it run thorugh its paces and see what is really wrong?
  3. Do you have USB 2.0? External drives connected to USB 2.0 ports can only transfer data at around 35-40MByte/sec, while your internal hard drives are almost certainly much faster. When you copy files from internal to external, Windows reads the internal disk very quickly and starts buffering the output into RAM - hence the fast transfer speed at the start of the copy. When the RAM buffer fills up, the copy speed is reduced to the rate at which it can be sent over the USB connection to the external drive.

    The solution is to upgrade to a USB 3.0 external drive and a USB 3.0 adapter card for your computer (if it's not USB 3.0-capable), or to switch to an eSATA connection for your external drive.
  4. USB 2.0 is sensitive to line noise along the cable. Poorly shielded cables are the most problematic. Your copy will start out fast, because Windows is buffering the source to RAM. When USB 2.0 encounters errors in transmission, almost invariably it will silently down clock sometimes to USB 1.1 speed. The solution is simple: Buy better manufactured USB cables.

    My NexStar external USB 2.0 external drive dock came with such a poorly implemented cable. Some days I would get 30-35 Mbytes/s speeds... and then all of a sudden, it would continue to drop eventually reaching 1.2 Mbytes/s. Powering down the drive, and then re-powering it up, solved the problem temporarily... until the next error would cause the driver to downgrade it's speed again.

    I replaced the cable with an ancient Apple USB 1.0 cable (which is heavily shielded, and used previously for an old printer) and this cable has proven it's worth. File transfers never go below 30 Mbytes/s... ever.

    If you are getting slower than 30 Mbytes/s, with a continuously dropping transfer rate... then seriously suspect a really faulty cable.
  5. I hope I am not steering everyone down the wrong path here. Yes I have problems with transfer speed and all your advise is very good and well received but I am not convinced its only a cable problem. My multi tasking is not what it sould be. Maybe memory?? When I copy a single file I can get 64MB/sec and it will copy that file fast from 0 to 50 or 80% and stop and hold there for some 20 seconds and not move and then out of the blue just keep going as if nothing was wrong and complete the transfer. If I tag more than 3 large files then my transfer rate usually sits around 8mb/s which I would've thought on a 64 bit environment its multi tasking would be better than that!
    I will certainly look into the cable but I think my problem is deeper than that.
    My Raid 0 is still giving my a problem, 90% of the time on a cold boot I will get to the login screen and within 60 seconds I get the blue screen of death and a reboot, after that I works just fine for hours except for my slow file transfers. I like to play BC2 and Red faction in DX11 and works just fine.
  6. > it will copy that file fast from 0 to 50 or 80% and stop and hold there for some 20 seconds and not move

    That's because the system caches writes in RAM memory. It reads as fast as it can into RAM and the transfer rate appears to be very fast - but when the RAM buffer fills or it finishes reading from the input disk then it has to wait to dump the RAM buffer to the slower output device.

    What kind of external USB device are you transferring to, exactly? USB flash drives are notoriously slow, a generic device usually accepts data at no more than a few MByte/sec.
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  8. I found out that my SATA port 6 was faulty and causing other problems. No is fixed and stable, so this is what is happening now.
    When I connect a USB2 external drive for copy, Teracopy report about 50Mbps for each file and then pauses for 5 seconds or so before continuing. This makes Teracopy report that the transfer rate has droped to 1mbps and then picks up again.
    Any config on the O/S that I can do to speed up the I/O?
  9. Requirement for full speed ethernet transfers (75% of 1000 every transfer +) is a Non-blocking, wire-speed transmission switch!


    •ZyXEL's GS1100-16 16 Port Desktop GbE Switch is a 16-port 10/100/1000 switch (I'm getting 700-800Mbit or 80Mbyte transfers)

    •ZyXEL's GS1100-24 The GS1100-24 is a 24-port 10/100/1000 switch

    •ZyXEL's GS-108B 10/100/1000Mbps Port Desktop GbE Switch is a 8-port 10/100/1000 switch

    •Cisco SR2024 24-port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch

    •SMC Networks - SMC8508T - EZ Switch 10/100/1000 - 8-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Unmanaged Switch

    •Linksys SR2016 The 16-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit

    Please try the examples given but if you don't have the right switch then it won't matter what you do at the OS


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