Heard something that could plausibly reduce Microstuttering problems

While I did thoroughly enjoy your article on Microstuttering from a while back (link) I did hear some dude say on the PC Gamer site (link) when having a conversation that when he applied water cooling to both cards it noticeably reduced the problem because it neutralizes airflow problems and gets both cards running efficiently because they running at the same temperature. Any chance of you guys looking into such a thing to see if it holds up?

(Incase your not sure what I'm talking about I'm referring to this)
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  1. I don't think microstuttering is generated from temperatures, more on the software side.
  2. Was simply something I heard, some dude said his microstuttering issues noticeably lessened when he shifted to watercooling.

    I've had my computer lag noticeably when the CPU heatsink was 5% dusty and required more airflow it seemed at least plausible a GPU would suffer the same sort of problems.

    Also figured these chaps not only have the hardware sitting around to test it but the curiosity too.
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