Winfast TV2000 XP Expert *** no audio

has anyone been able to figure out what to do with this tv capture card and how to configure it? i've removed and reinstalled the software and drivers, updated them and repeated this process trice. but still no audio.
can anyone help???
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  1. you've got to connect the audio-out of the tuner card,
    to the line-in of your soundcard, also check line-in volume
    audio isn't going through the PCI bus

    had the same card for a while.

    i connected the line-out of the TV-card to the CD-in on my motherboard, (i made a custom cable) because i needed all of my connectors for 5.1 output.
  2. i do know how to follow manuals, yes it definitely is connected to the right place in my motherboard since i dont use a soundcard. and i did check the in-line audio configuration. like i said, i followed all thier instructions to no avail. thank you though for your reply.
    just wondering why so many owners of this capture card have so many problems with it? could be us users are stupid or thier products are so lame.
  3. sorry bout your problem but my 2000 expert has be workin fine for me, Ive had that same card for 6 months so far no problems....maybe its time to cut your losses and buy another brand :( as Leadtek support is not going to help you. Maybe try a Hauppauge. Good luck.
  4. Hi, Im not sure if this will help but its worth the shot. This tv tuner is very easy to use.

    Getting my audio to work i had to tweak around my X-fi mixer. Check your inputs, as i have mine on Auxillary channel and audio comes out.

    Good luck.
  5. was reading your rig specs, doglips. i found out that your vga card is also leadtek...
    i use to have a leadtek 6600td and had the tuner card working. but when i changed to gigabyte 7600gt, everthing went crazy. i tried everything i could but to no avail. dont have audio card. though i never tried making a custom cable for its audio out. am i to believe that i should have the same brand vga for it to work properly? seems that way.
    yes, maybe another brand is in the offing. but this isn't cheap for me as i work for every part of my system. its not free and i feel cheated with thier terrible customer relations. TERRIBLE!!!
    Anyway, thank you all for your suggestions...
    Good day.
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