Is the J-micron ide controller on the ICH 8 boards....

just a huge pain? I will be building with a new SATA HDD but will need to use my old IDE cd-rom to load Windows. I keep seeing horror stories. Looking at Biostar Tforce board reviewed on Tom's.
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  1. I dunno. Was no problem for me. (ASUS P5B). (was after all, read further)
    Plugged an IDE DVD-ROM first. Worked just fine. Then an IDE hard-drive. - wouldn't see it.
    Turned out that the controller doesn't handle the "cable select" mode quite well. So I had to jumper the drives to master and slave.

    However, that was not the end of it. A year old WD1200JB, which was always treated well and was cooled by Zalman 2HC-2 started clicking.
    I mean it worked, but started giving out periodical clicks every 4-5 seconds. Not particularly loud, but disturbing.
    Too bad, I wanted to dedicate that drive exclusively to emule.

    the DVD-burner works fine though, hasn't made a coaster yet.
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