Is this PS enough?

I just put together a new system. E6400 processor, one HDD, one DVD, 8800gts graphics card. I will probably OC a little bit but not too much.

I'm new at this but I read enough here to know I need to replace the Powmax PS that came with my case.

This looks like a good PS but is it enough power for my system?

Anybody have any other recommendations without spending too much more?
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  1. Did you not read the buyer reviews at Newegg? We think its OK for you, but we may not be using it ourselves. They Are :)
  2. Well, I went ahead and bought this PS two days ago.

    It had some pretty bad reviews at Newegg but a friend recommended it and Jonnyguru gave it a good review. I should have probably gone with something a little more powerful but I'm short on cash right now.

    I wish I had waited a day for this weekend special though. It seems like a better deal with the rebate and free shipping.

    Thanks for the help.
  3. After reading the Newegg reviews, I cannot believe you bought that item. Surely current users of the product are (next to this Forum) the best judges of the product! 8O
  4. It was recommended in at least one thread here and it is listed as a tier three PS in the list here. I guess I'll just have to see.
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