$300 network a waste?

Good morning all,

1st my rant:

I spent nearly $300 on Belkin’s latest N1 wireless router (F5D8231-4) and the matching network card that goes along with it (F5D8001) for my crib. The router is about 30 feet away with 3 walls in between and finally got it working well. Very well. Excellent signal. Loved it for 3 days. No problems. I even had wireless security on and it still flew!

Then…my roommate downstairs wants to be on the network too. I thought ok lets put this $150 router to good use. But the network card that my roommate has is a 54g card (from Belkin as well F5D7000). No problem I says since this router is compatible with 54g technology. Says so in manual and the router setup page. Cool.

So I install 54g in his ghetto computer and apparently his 54g card doesn’t support the new WPA2-PSK encryption that I was using on the router so I changed it to what the 54g card does support: WEP 64-bit. Then used the 10 digit Hex code to get my roommates computer hooked up on the secured network and his pc is flying on the internet now. Cool right?

Wrong, My pc cannot connect to the network now despite me reconfiguring my network card to use the less secure WEP mode. Oh, wait, sometimes it will connect to the internet (despite saying “NOT CONNECTED”) and I can surf for about 3-5 minutes before my computer COMPLETELY FREEZES UP!! Ctrl-Alt-Del does nothing and I have to push the reset button on the PC to restart. This happens everytime that I can connect to net. I know of hardware failures and such since I’m an avid O/C’r so I played Oblivian for an hour and no lockups or reboots. So overheating not the problem. Wait…it gets worse:

So still troubleshooting, and now sometimes when PC is rebooted (via reset button) and brought back up to desktop, it says “no wireless networks in range.” Interesting since before I did all of this and lowered security and could connect, I would see anywhere from 4-6 networks in my neighborhood. Now NO networks? My $119 network card can’t find a network..not even the one down the hall? Impossible.

Sorry so long of a story, had to vent a bit.

Bottom line, I got my roommates 54g card installed and he is flying on the internet but since I had to lower security mode for his card to work, I can no longer surf web and if I can it locks my pc up.

Any ideas, guys?
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  1. UPDATE: got home yesterday and didn't touch internet. waiting for roommate to get home. I tried to watch my family guy dvd but after several minutes it froze my pc up (hard lock: no mouse movement, nothing). It would even just freeze up on desktop and the windows login screen!! wtf? frustrated, I took my N1 network card out of my box and haven't had a problem since!!! no lockups, nothing.

    so could it be my roommates new 54g network traffic on my N1 network that is screwing my PC up? I am about to call it quits and hope Circuit City takes open box returns.
  2. Did you install any sort of software that came with the card other than the driver? It sounds like the card works when you have it set up with WPA, so that leads me to believe that maybe some sort of utility was installed with the card, and it's causing the problems.

    Stupid question though, have you contacted Belkin tech support?
  3. The F5D7000 supports WPA, although you might need new drivers and XP for it to work.


    WEP is no longer secure.

    I like wires.
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