BadAxe2 & Scythe Infinity fit in Lian-Li V1200?

I'd like to pose this question to owners of any of the Lian-Li V-Series cases with inverted motherboard and lower PSU partition (i.e., V1000, V1100, V1200, V2000, etc).

I'm building a new PC in a Lian-Li V1200 case, and am wondering if a Scythe Infinity would fit in this case on a BadAxe2 motherboard while pulling air front-to-back out the rear exhaust fan. Due to the orientation of the CPU socket on most motherboards that I've seen, the CPU is placed very close to the bottom PSU partition. This seems like it would interfere with a large CPU cooler, especially very wide coolers like the Tuniq Tower 120 and maybe the Ultra-120 when pushing air out the rear exhaust fan. The Scythe Infinity looks to be the same width as a standard 120mm fan, which might make it a better choice for proper airflow in this case.

Does anyone have any experience with mounting a large CPU cooler in a Lian-Li V-Series? If so, thanks for any info you can provide!
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  1. I don't have my v1200 anymore, but if memory serves me correctly you have about 4mm from the bottom edge of the mobo to the case's floor. Goto Scyth's website and see what the clearances are. I sold mine because too much heat collects under the video card. The case would have great airflow if they'd just cut a 120mm fan at the top of the case.
  2. Cool. I actually cut a 120mm blowhole on the top of the case, above where the video card will be. Hopefully that helps with cooling.
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