Which CPU will be better?

This is on a computer used mainly for AutoDesk Inventor 10/11 and then like 100 firefox windows open, and it runs 24/7. It has i believe 1 gig of ram and will not be upgraded anytime in the future other than this time, maybe we will give it two gigs of ram when inventor needs it.

So my question is the Computer currently has

Intel Pentium 4 640 Prescott 3.2 Ghz

and i was thinking of upgrading it to a

Intel Pentium D 915 Presler 2.8GHz

i understand a Core 2 duo would probably be a nice upgrade, but we don't have the budget for it.

or would it be smarter to just add in a second gig of ram and call it a day
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  1. dual core is much better for what your doing.
    No question. Clock rates on the p4 are almost meaningless though, keep that in mind.

    P.S. Firefox isn't great on resources when tabbing. Use I.E. 4 instead

  2. Well that helps alot, im guessing the 915 will also run a crap load cooler than the preshott..cott.

    i was amazed when i saw CPU Temps of 99C on it, when it was virused like a mother, and the CPU fan was blocked up with dust, and im even more amazed that it still works... So do u think the 915 is worth the money upgrade wise
  3. Only if what your using requires you to upgrade. Spending money on old technology that late in the game never seems worth it.

    But the real question is " Does it do what you want it to do, how you want it". If so, the keep what you got, if not, then upgrade.
  4. haha, well we are at a point were the teacher of the class i am mentoring wants to upgrade it, and this seemed like a good place to start. And with prices being as low as they are right now, it seemed like a good idea to set it up. Or do u believe that a second gig of ram would be a better place to start?
  5. with 1000 firefox windows... lol... ya it would help much.
  6. well, consider this, its sitting in a class room full of HS students and it has 2 19 inch LCD screens on it, and idk what these kids are doing to it, but earlier they were programming a game on it, using the HL2 engine and what not, and now its robotics time and we are coding on it and compiling code and cading out robot parts and watching 720p videos on the other screen, its like come on kids, chill out...

    So the second gig is probably the better option then i guess
  7. did you read it, im currently running a 6xx intel proc, with 1 gig DDR2, and i want to know if i should have the teacher take the 100 bucks out of his budget for this box, he already said yes, but i want to make sure that its a good move.
  8. if i remember correctly its a 945 northbridge
  9. yea, so i guess its worth the 100 bucks then to do the upgrade to dual core even though its a CAD machine
  10. Dual core will help greatly with the multitasking. Your teacher will notice a big difference.
  11. o dude, id didnt even see that 945 or whatever, ill have him get that one instead. lol like 600 Mhz increase and like what 10 dollars more
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