please help with vpn I beg of you!!!!!!

Hello im kinda new to networking (well beyond getting a home networks started) and been trying to set up a vpn for quite some time now and I still cant quite get it. The best I can do is setup one inside my personal network. The host for the Vpn is an old Hp pavilion 511w with windows xp home. The guest computer is a compaq laptop with xp home also. The Hp Pavilion computer is behind a Linksys EFAH05W 5 port hub and that is behind a Speedstream 5200 E240-021. I have acsessed the speedstream router through Firefox and internet explorer through the internal ip adress and in the settings there seems to be no ppp settings like the manual says so. I am sighned in as an admin on the computer and router but every thing seams to be basic settings. Ive seen other routers like mine with more settings. is there some kind of firmware update or something to get those settings and if so how do i finish setting up my vpn?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. You did not mention very much in the way of details regarding your setup but if you are looking for an easy to use VPN solution which will run on your Windows PC try the following:

  2. What VPN are you using on XP Home? As far as I know, only Windows Server supports inbound VPN connections. Regarding your modem, you might try e-mailing Efficient (they still make Speedstream right?) or seeing if you can find some support forums on their site. My experience is limited to the business class Speedstream routers, and they were all CLI.
  3. I Added a new router to my configuation its a Linksys BEFSR11 behind my speedstream. (I also think they still make speedstreams because my friend just got one a month ago) The Linksys has a lot more options and with that ssl atrical I think im finaly well on my way. O yah im going to move into a new house in about a year and when im there im gunna build a basic server with windows server 2000 or 2003(depends on how much money I want to spend).
    Once again Thanks to all for help.
  4. O yes i also have a queston. On page three of the ssl setup artical when you type (cd C:\Program Files\sslexplorer-0.2.4 ANT Install) its says there is no such file. when I looked in the folder there was no file. I have downloaded it several times and still the same. Is the file some ware else or am i just being compleatly stupid.
  5. So, the HP computer is what is actually going to be running the VPN software on your network? If so, then you're going to need to open the appropriate protocols/ports on your Linksys router. Otherwise, it will prevent the VPN packets from reaching the VPN server. The procedure for this will vary depending on what type of VPN you use (IPSec/PPTP/SSL).

    If you're going to use the SSL VPN linked above, your best bet will be to visit the developer's website and use their instructions. A new version may have been released that is not compatible with the instructions on that webste.

    If your HP isn't doing anything besides running as the VPN server, you could ditch Windows and use m0n0wall. It supports IPSec and PPTP VPNs, plus it's super easy to set up. Basically all you need to do is download the ISO file, burn it to a CD, then boot from it. Plus, if you're going to be connecting from Windows computers, it'll be easier because all Windows versions have built-in PPTP clients, while not all PCs will have a modern browser and Java. Just google m0n0wall for more information, or you can read through m0n0wall's PPTP guide.
  6. Spazo,

    If you have unzipped the the SSL Explorer ZIP file into C:\Program Files\sslexplorer-0.2.4

    then you would cd into that directory using command line (cmd.exe)....

    next, type ant install to compile/build the files for SSL Explorer....

    See if that does not work better...

  7. Ok wow after looking on the internet wevery ware i found out what type of vpn im using. its a IPSec. I pretty shure anway its just the incoming connections on windows. could any of you tell me step buy step how to do this and set up my router. I am aslo working on that SSL but i dont have much time. so which ever one i figure out first will work. I would like to go with the IPSec because for the time being i dont want a broser based vpn. Thanks for you patients i am new at this kind of stuff but im learneing a lot.

    P.S. I might not get to this artical much because someone was fired at work so i have to work more untell they find someone.
  8. Incoming connection through Windows... which Windows version are you running? Sounds to me like PPTP perhaps, but I think that's only available in server versions.
  9. I just bought a new Dell with media center and I whink that is based off of windows pro because when i right click on something and go into advanced options i now have the option to encrypt the file. If i set up the vpn do I need a dedicated vpn server or can I just use this one for it? So I can use my new computer for games and It can also be used as a vpn host?
  10. yes you were right its is pptp sorry for the confusion :(
  11. As far as I know, Media Center is an extension of XP Home, because it doesn't include remote desktop and it can't join a domain. You could probably use that SSL VPN thing, but you are better off using a special computer just for the VPN server. If you aren't on a tight budget, you might look at getting a VPN router. I think you can probably get them for under $150, or probably under $100 on eBay.

    If you already have an extra computer, you could look at m0n0wall like I already suggested. It's free and probably a lot easier to set up than any of the other options.
  12. Quote:
    yes you were right its is pptp sorry for the confusion :(

    If Media Center supports PPTP then you should be able to use it. You'll need to forward the PPTP port through your router in order to be able to connect from the Internet. I believe the port is TCP 1723, but verify it before you open it up.
  13. I know You can Host a vpn in widows pro lots of other people have done it
  14. yah thats the port
  15. In a little bit my friend its going to be back. then I can test this vpn
  16. I have two routers. The first one is the speedstream the second one is the linksys. the speedstream has no portforwording option and the linksys does. If
    I set the speedstreams dmz to be the linksys router and the linksys router forwords the port 1723 to my dell (which has a static ip Will that work?
  17. well i just tryed it and it didnt work. can anyone point me to a web site pdf any thing that is a simple step by step vpn that includes router config
  18. Quote:
    I have two routers.

    In your original post you said you had a router and a hub. Which is it?

    I don't deal with any sort of VPN on Windows because it's not a good way to do it IMHO. I recommended a free alternative (m0n0wall), that I have loads of experience with. I'm sure with 20 minutes on Google you can come up with some promising tutorials. Or you could always just read the manual or a white paper from Microsoft on how to do what you want.
  19. o sorry i added the liksys router in front of the linksys hub
  20. on m0n0wall do u need a dedicated computer
  21. Yes, but it doesn't need to be especially fast. A pentium 1 or 2 will work fine.
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