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I have a WRT54G router from Linksys, and it tends to lose connection about 3-4 times daily. I play games on the internet frequently with a internet voice chat program and a chat program open(MIRC). I am hard-wired to my wireless and my parents are connected to the wireless. Can I fix this through updating firmware and save a lot of money, or am I forced to buy a new router. Thank you for any replies :D

PS I have to power cycle sometimes, but most of the time it just has a burp for 10 seconds.
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  1. Down load and try the firmware update, most cases it fixes problems.

    As for power hickups. Buy your self a APC UPS unit 650+VA and connect all of you critcle devices through the battery backup side. Critcle = PC, Monitor, modem, router. All others connect to the Surge protecton side. Then you want be bothered by power cycles.
  2. Before you entirely give up on the router, unless it's a model 5 or higher, I'd try 3rd-party firmware first -- e.g. DD-WRT.

    It even has a scheduled re-boot feature, which might help clear up any cumulative problems. I've always had problems with my Linksys routers locking up every couple of months. I have seen it with even the latest Linksys firmware of a couple of months ago. I haven't seen this problem since I loaded DD-WRT firmware. However, I've been using this one as a wireless bridge since (which was the reason for loading DD-WRT), and not a full-fledged heavily-loaded router, so can't guarantee this as a solution.

    Such problems can also be elsewhere -- e.g. modem or ISP.

    It's worth a shot though. The availability of powerful firmware such as DD-WRT is a good reason to hold on to or acquire compatible Linksys and other routers.

    Read the installation docs carefully before trying the firmware upgrade.
  3. I have had the exact same problem as you. I too have the 54G (v1.1) as well. You are not alone with this problem. My problems are not as frequent, but still exist. The only thing I can think of is that if you type in the DOS command line IPCONFIG /ALL, check what your lease time is. Sounds like that your sessions are timing out. I think that the standard lease time is 3 days. Update your firmware, power down, are restart after a couple minutes. Worst case, contact your vendor or Linksys.
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