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Not sure if it's a hardware or software issue but I have searched all over and can't seem to find a solution.

I just finished building my first computer and everything seems to work fine. However, when I perform a WEI test I receive the error "Could not measure video playback".

I made sure drivers were up to date etc. but still couldn't complete the test. The log file had a line saying "Unable to create D3D device" but games and movies on my hard drive worked fine so I decided it wasn't a big deal.

Now, however I have just realized that I am unable to watch streaming flash videos online and think the two may be related. Video loads but upon playing video screen turns green and only audio plays.

Not sure if this is a hardware or software issue but I can't seem to find anything that helps. Graphics card is an on-board Radeon HD 4250

Most recent version of flash is installed and I appreciate any advice
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  1. Try updating java.
  2. Just tried and same result with a youtube video: controls and audio present but blank green video screen
  3. I assume you've tried a few different videos?

    Make sure you have flash, and that active x isn't being blocked.
  4. Same result from multiple videos on both Hulu and Youtube and I am pretty sure that Active X isn't being blocked. The laptop on the same wireless connection works fine and no problems with video playback outside of internet streaming
  5. Active X doesn't have anything to do with your network connection, so the laptop working wouldn't really rule anything out. Your Active X settings are in your browser options. What browser are you using?
  6. Laptop was more to rule out router's firewall blocking anything but I tried using both firefox and fresh chrome install

    *really appreciate the help btw
  7. Make sure you have flash player installed.

    Check for an updated graphics driver.
  8. Got it to work! I unchecked the box that said enable hardware acceleration in the flash settings. Still can't do a WEI but as long as everything is working I'm not too hung up on it.

    Thanks for the advice
  9. Good deal. Thanks for the update.
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