8800gts psu ?

I own this psu:
(PLEASE read specs)


Im not sure if this is enough to power for an 8800gts I would like to purchase and everything else in my rig? Here are my rigs specs:

A8N32sli Socket 939 mobo
Athlon 3700+ San Diego 2.2ghz stock OC'd to 2.8ghz at 1.4 volts
Corsair XMS PC4000/DDR 500 250mhz
x2 Western Digital 74gig Raptors in Raid 0
CURRENT Single GPU nVidia 7900gt medium Overclock (remember buying 8800gts) :)
x3 120mm led fans
DVD+-RW Optical Drive

Any advice would be much appreciated on whether I need to buy a new PSU or if this makes it? I am not planning on SLI anytime soon. This would be for a SINGLE 8800gts.
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  1. u might get lucky and it will work - but if u system crashesh or of your get a ppwer error u know u too small

    38 amps is border line - i could work since u have a low power psu
  2. Quote:
    FYI the hiper only has 30A on the combined +12v rails. I know i use one. The total amperage of the +12v rails is not the sum of the 2 rails. You should read the PSU 101 sticky at the top of this section. There is a link to it in my sig. Keep in mind the amps listed per rail are the max amps that rail can handle before it fails or causes damage. It's no the actual amps the rail can provide.

    If the PSU could provide 38A on the +12v rails then it would be more then enough. A system running an 8800GTS only needs about 30A from the combined +12v rails. The reason the Hiper PSU won't work is you don't want to be pushing the PSU at max. No PSU is able to sustain max power for very long.

    So not to hijack but my nmediapc 500W has 12v1@15A and 12V2@18A... sounds like it wouldn't be enough, but maybe borderline? I only have 1 HDD and 1 DVD/CD and no floppy. 33A enough to run the GTS?
  3. Quote:
    Read PSU 101.

    There it will exsplain to you what you need to know. There is a link in my sig.

    Well I didn't see it explicitly addressed in there other than mentioning that nmediapc is in the "not recommended" column. Doesn't say why, and I haven't read anything bad about them. In any case, the issue seems to be the 12V rails, and if you have two of them, then you must subtract 10A from the total to get the "real" output. So if I have 15A and a 18A, then my total = 33A. So subtract ten and I get 23A, which is close but not recommended for 8800gts. Correct?
  4. Quote:
    No you have it all wrong. The total amps are found by taking the total wattge being supplied to the +12v rails and dividing it by the 12 volts. Now looking at the Hiper 580W PSU it has a 18A and a 20A +12v rail. The total wattage being supplied to the +12v rails is 360W. 360W divided by 12v equals 30A. Now the hiper dosn't mention the wattage thats supplied to the +12v rails on it's label. You have to look at the manuel to find that.

    I see. I can't find the wattage that is supplied to the 12V rails on my nmediapc anywhere in the "manual." That's what you get for $50. Will keep googling.
  5. Quote:
    If it's not on the Label, Manuel, or web page then you have no way of knowing. Personaly i wouldn't want to guess at the total amperage and be wrong about it.

    I sent their customer service an email asking them what it is. Not holding my breath.

    Is it dangerous for me to test the PSU with the 8800?
  6. just wondering, I have a Antec True Control (550Watts )
    with the:
    Max. Load 40A* 0.5A 24A 1.0A 32A* 2A
    also I have
    an AMD athlon 64 X2 3800+ at 2.5 Ghz ( 25% overclock )
    at stock voltaje ( 1.36 on max use )
    2 PATA hdds ( 250 + 80 Gb )
    2 dvds ( plextor P712-A, pioneer 110D)
    1 tv tuner card, sound blaster audigy 2 Zs..

    I supose I Cant run the 8800GTS right? ( Im running a X850XT Oced too with no problem.. )

    what psu you recommend that has the 3 spanish B's ( bueno bonito y barato, or good, cute and cheap )?
  7. Nmediapc support just got back to me. When I gave them my system configutaion, which is a pretty basic setup, they say:

    "You are good to go.


    Support / nMedia Hong Kong"

    Is anyone convinced? But at least they replied promptly!
  8. Quote:
    You mentioned the 8800 right? If they said it good then go for it. Personaly i would get it in writing so if it does blow up in your face you can hold them resposible for the damages.

    Yes, I told them it was a 8800gts and they said it would depend on my config.

    I told them my config: 1 SATA, 1 DVD/CD, 2 fans, firewire, some usb's, the motherboard, and the card. Then they said I was good.

    I sent them a follow-up question about the wattage for the 12V rails but they have not replied yet.

    Maybe I should get it in writing...
  9. Here is what they say about the 12V:

    "It is tough to answer this question due to a lot of “depend on�. But, I can tell you the 12V rail is good enough o handle your VGA card without any problem base on your spec.


    Support / nMedia Hong Kong"
  10. Quote:
    [RED FLAG]

    They can't even tell you the specs of there own PSU? :lol:

    I know... sounds like they are saying that the wattage changes, could that be true?
  11. From nMedia:


    It will be around 408W.


    Support / nMedia Hong Kong"

    So 408W/12V= 34A. But they say "around 408W" so I would assume lower. But unless this is just a complete fabrication, it sounds pretty good for a $50 psu.
  12. Quote:
    Keep in mind these are in Max amounts so actuall wattage may hover around 395W.

    Still pretty good though, at least for my machine I think. If I added another DVD player and HDD and a bunch of USB's it could change, but my setup is pretty barebones right now.

    Thanks for all the info mpilchfamily.
  13. I'm curious where these requirements of 30, 32, and 34 amps are coming from? Is there an article that somebody has written that had these cards crashing with less? Most of the manufacturer's web sites only list the need for over 30 Amps with the GTX while the GTS is listed more in the 26-28 Amp range. I know it's always nice to have some breathing room, but I would hope that the graphics card manufacturers are trying to be realistic on what it takes to power these cards so that they don't get a bunch of RMAs.

    My brief summary from manufacturers recommendations is:

    8800 GTS - 26 amps needed on 12V rail, 28 if overclocked
    8800 GTX - 28-30 amps needed on 12V rail, 32 if overclocked
    Here's the rundown of the manufacturer's minimums:

    GTS Cards

    EVGA 8800 GTS
    Minimum of a 400 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 26 Amps.)

    PNY 8800 GTS
    A minimum 400W system power supply (with 12V current rating of 26A)

    Asus 8800 GTS
    Minimum 400W or greater system power supply (with 12V current rating of 26A)

    BFG 8800 GTS OC
    A 425W PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 28A or more

    GTX cards

    EVGA 8800 GTX superclocked
    Minimum of a 450 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 28 Amps.)

    PNY 8800 GTX
    A minimum 400W system power supply (with 12V current rating of 30A)

    Asus 8800 GTX
    Minimum 450W or greater system power supply (with 12V current rating of 30A)

    BFG 8800 GTX OC
    A 475W PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 32A or more
  14. Umm... I just ordered a Thermaltake 700W for my X1950pro. It has quad 12v rails each with 18A... that is future proofed for G80/R600 right? What happens now they are split over 4 rails, the gfx card can feed from more than 1 aye?
  15. All of the examples I've seen of the GTS have a single power connector while the GTX has two power connectors. Those combined with the juice coming from the the video card slot should be enough to deliver whatever juice is needed so long as the power supply itself is enough for the job. If you hooked things up right you could actually have 3 of your 4 rails feeding the video card (12V1 usually goes the motherboard and thus the pci-e slot; 12V2, 12V3, and 12V4 are usually regular power cables).

    I think I read somewhere that some power supplies could have gotten by with a single power connector on the GTX but that they included the connectors for two in systems where the individual rails are more limited.
  16. I supose im safe?
    just found that my version was not an Antec True control, but an Antec True power ( 30 amperes on the 12+ )
  17. I don't know where do all these guys live or what do they have in their cases, but my computer works just fine with Nexus NX-5000 PSU which has two 12V rails (first 15A & second 16A). Voltages at this very moment are: Vcore=1.26, +3.3=3.31V, +5=5.07V & +12=12.09V (Asus PC Probe II)

    My config is:
    Asus P5B Deluxe WIFI
    Asus GeForce 8800GTS
    Intel Core2Duo E6600 at 320*9=2880MHz
    Zalman CNPS7700-Cu
    2 Gigs of DDR2 800MHz
    2x SATA2 HDDs & 2x Optical Drives

    by the way, this PSU is extremely quiet :D .
    Oh and I can picture it working if it helps convince you that with 500W and up PSU you're OK.
  18. I think you'll be ok but puching it. I had a 450w OCZ modstream which only has 26A running my system below minus one hard drive and everything was fine. Mind you I did get rid of it a soon as possible but the system was up for 1 1/2 months before I switched out.
  19. Yeah, I guess my thought was that the vid card manufacturers have probably built some buffer into their recommendations. They don't want a bunch of RMAs or forums to fill up with messages of "BrandX killed my system". Besides these cards aren't going to be running continuously at that amp rating, it's there to represent the peak you might expect (and thus the threshold of instability).

    By recommending even more it seems like we are tacking on a buffer to a buffer. It certainly won't hurt, but I think it's easy to get carried away. If somebody is buying a new power supply I think it's always wise to buy a bit more than what you need at the time. My big concern is people thinking they need to ditch their current $100+ power supply because its rating isn't 6-8 amps above what the card manufacturers suggest is a suitable system for their card. Money is money after all.
  20. Just wanted to drop in with an update...

    Put my EVGA 8800GTS in a week ago now and it's getting along great with my nmediapc mp-500. I guess the tech guys at nmedia knew what they were talking about.

    And the GTS itself kicks a$$; it's extremely powerful, and much quieter than my 7900GS was. It does run HOT though, so I may put a pic-slot blower in to make sure the hot air gets out of my case. We'll see how the old nmedia psu holds up with another pci to power.
  21. Well Mpilchfamily, I think you were right about my nmedia psu. It works fine at stock speeds, but when I try to OC my cpu and 8800 a little bit, I've been getting reboots. This could be caused by my OCing on nTune, or my OEM POS mobo, but I think it may be due to power. Crashes are coming running 3dmark06 with GPU at 620,900 and with fx-60 @ 2.9. Is that my PSU running out of steam? Like I said, there is NO crash at stock speeds. Thanks for the advice. Please include recommendation for PSU capable of handling a single 8800GTX OCed.

  22. Mpilch, your list is as thorough as it is comprehensive, and everything is easy pickings at Newegg. Thanks, you know your psu's.
  23. Ooo, fun fun. I'll go check it out now.
  24. Thanks, that'd be great. :)
  25. I think the manufactures over rate the needed amps, I am currently running a ultra v-series 500w 12v rail of 28amps with an OC e6300 at 3.00ghz,several usb's,dvd,floppy, 2 HDD, 8800gts,and 4 fans and i have not had any problems this system is only a month old and it runs cool. yes i may be pushing the envelope but i have stressed tested this thing heavy and i have not had any issues.
  26. I decided to go with this one:


    Will soon be able to OC to my hearts content. (And step up to a GTX in a couple months).

    EDIT: GOT THE OCZ 600, $109.00AR.
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