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I was reading the How To: Tips for Fixing XP File and Printer sharing because my home network is not working.

I have 3 computers:
Mine - Desktop, directly connected to router via ethernet
Dad's - Work laptop connected through wireless
Sister - Work laptop connected through wireless

I have a folder called 'Shared' located in My Documents which I have enabled sharing on so that we can easily share files between our computers. Also the printer is connected to my computer. This arrangement used to work until I needed to format my computer and reinstall windows.

Currently, the two laptops cannot connect to my computer to access the shared folder or the printer. My computer has NO login password, yet when I try to access or map the Shared folder from one of the laptops I get a login window and I have no idea what username and password I am supposed to supply. I have tried everything inc. my computer name, my login username, other usernames I may have used etc.

The odd thing is, the two laptops ARE password protected for login, yet I can access shared files and folders on their computers without being promted for a password.

The only problem is that because the laptops are work computers, they are already setup to access networks in the office and are on different workgroups. (this wasnt a problem before i formatted my computer)

Finally, yes I have disabled my firewall etc. even my virus scanner

I hope that there is someone who can help me with my problem.

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  1. Enable simple file and printer sharing. It is usually enabled by default, but for some reason it seems that yours is not. From explorer, tools, folder options, view, then all the way at the bottom.
  2. I dont have that option on my computer. Is this because im running XP home?

    edit: i just found that on XP home simple file sharing cannot be turned off. so this cant be the problem
  3. are the laptops pro? in my experiance, pro is very incompatible with home for file sharing.
  4. yes, the laptops are pro.

    this was never an issue before i formatted my computer. also there is no problem with me accessing files on the laptops, just the other way around. this is why i dont think it is a pro/home issue
  5. The Windows version shouldn't make any difference. In Pro, I think SFS is on by default unless the machine is a member of a domain. I'd check each machine and see what the SFS settings are. If they are being prompted for a user/pass, that usually indicates SFS is turned off.
  6. ok, i will check but im almost positive that the issue lies in my computer as the laptops were able to connect prior to the formatting of my computer
  7. You know, I had a similar issue at home yesterday. When I tried to pull up a share on another computer, it prompted for a password with the username field grayed out. Simple file sharing was turned on, so I dunno what the deal was. I didn't take time to figure it out. At least now I know what I said earlier about SFS isn't always true.
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