PC Problems..could it be my PowerSupply?

Hey everyone,

I've been recently experiencing some problems with my PC (running very very slow) and I'm wondering if it could have something to do with my power supply.

Initially, the computer would randomly shut-down & restart itself. I would get CPU running too hot warnings too. Then my Hard-Drive died...I bought a new hard-drive, formatted, installed XP with few programs and it runs very very slow now.

I'm running ASUS Probe and it only has a problem with my Power Supply output - it says it's running too low (10 point something volts). Could this be the thing that's causing my problems? I've tried malware/spyware killing programs...I've run msconfig and eliminated start-up apps (just launching the ones I need manually), etc etc, and it still runs slow!

Using an ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard with an AMD 3200 chip...512MB RAM...surely I should be able to surf the net with no problems on this set-up!

Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Is there a way for me to test my CPU to see if it's been damaged? Any software, etc?

    Also, if the PCU is fine...would a new power supply solve my problems?

    thanks for your help.
  2. Which power supply would you recommend from this site:


    That store is just down the street from me...cheaper is better as I'm waiting for the summer to replace my desktop with a C2D (Santa Rosa) laptop. I just need this current PC to perform well. Other info on my set-up:

    ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard - VIA K8T800 chipset, AMD 3200 CPU, 512 MB RAM
  3. Been through a couple of hundred of these,


    They really are pretty quiet, modular so you only run the buses you need, meets *my* minimum of 16a per rail, sleeved, 3 year warranty, Antec.

    I don't know how this dealer stocks. On the first skid we had 10 or 12 that got a squeal to them from a leaky cap. Then they would go out in about a month. Antec forward RMA'd, (sent the replacement with a call tag), every one. If you get the noise, you've got one from the first factory run, call them and you have the replacement before the original goes out.
  4. I wouldn't recommend an Antec smartpower. Antec Smartpower's are very cheap PSUs. It would be better to go with an FSP Group one such as this if you are on a budget:


    Plenty of power and good quality parts.
  5. thanks for all your help so far...just wanted to post a pic of my ASUS Probe PSU stats...

    Would this be the reason my PC is running slow? How can I tell if my motherboard/CPU is fried and causing the slowdown?
    My CPU is running at 41C/105F...
    My Motherboard is 34C/93F...
    CPU Fan = 2960
    PSU Fan = 0 (could this be what's causing the voltage probs?)
    Chassis = 2311
  6. If your CPU or Motherboard was fried you wouldn't be able to boot. The best thing to do at the moment would to buy a cheap power supply and see if that solves your problem. 10.5V on the +12V is EXTREMELY (And I can't stress this enough) low. I'm amazed you can run your system at all.
  7. Why don't you pick one off his link rather than provide a link to one that won't export to him?
  8. I'll buy a PSU tomorrow morning and install it then.

    What do you guys recommend...going cheap to get me through the summer, or just buying a PSU that can handle a PC upgrade later this year (thinking of upgrading to a Intel Core 2 Duo MB/PCU - and running a better graphics card, etc).

    If I do go the expensive route, how many watts do you recommend? Would 500/600 be enough? Money IS an object...so spending like $150 is steep for me.

    Cheers for all your help...it's much appreciated!
  9. Thanks for the recommendation, but can you recommend something from this site...they are located just down the street from me...so it's easier for me to buy.


  10. Sorry about that...can you give me a couple more suggestions, just in-case they don't have something in stock.


    Antec Selection

    Enermax Selection

    OCZ Selection

    Seasonic Selection

    Thermaltake Selection

    Zalman Selection
  11. Get the best you can afford. It's hard to justify buying a "better" psu later on down the road if the current one seems to be working fine. But if it is a questionable one it will go out at exactly the wrong time.
  12. I'm going to pick up the Antec True power 2 550W PSU tomorrow morning. The shop near me has one for $109 Canadian.

    Hopefully this will solve my PC problems...crossing my fingers that my CPU hasn't been damaged!

    Wish me luck!
  13. Hopefully this isn't a stupid question, but...

    If I get the Antec TruePower 2.0 550W PSU, will the cables provided power two IDE Hard-Drives? I only see SATA listed.

  14. Has anyone heard of Dynex power supplies? I have a $50.00 gift card at Best Buy and they have this in stock:

    Dynex PSU

    If this looks good to you guys, I'll probably get it to save cash.

    Thanks for all your help so far!
  15. Quote:
    Why don't you pick one off his link rather than provide a link to one that won't export to him?

    because the one I linked is cheaper AND better quality than an antec smartpower. I'm not sure where you're getting that newegg wouldn't export to him it seems to me he linked an american site (my apologies if I am wrong :lol: )
  16. Alright, I just did the Power Calculator and it says my system needs only 246 W of power.

    Would I be able to get a smaller PSU and save a bunch of money. I'd rather spend less and worry about a better PSU later in the year if/when I decide to upgrade.
  17. Alright...just got back from the store and I bought a MIOS 500W power supply for $60 bucks. It supplies 25amps on the 12V rail...close enough to your recommendation of 26amps.

    ASUS Probe is happy, saying that I'm getting 11.77 V on the +12 rail. My computer is still pretty slow. So here's my thinking...I'm going to upgrade this in about a month. Should I stick with the MIOS PSU or just fork out the extra cash for a better one?

    I won't be overclocking...but will be buying a Core2Duo chip and a x1600 Video Card.
  18. I'll return the MIOS and go with one of your recommendations. Right now, the only Antec the store had was a Smart Power 2.0

    I'll probably use the $60+ store credit towards a new motherboard and get my power supply somewhere else.

    Would you say that newegg is the cheapest online retailer? I'm in Canada, and usually use canadacomputers

    Also, I'll probably go wth a 600W Seasonic S12, OCZ GameXstream or Antec Truepower Trio.

    Now I have to figure out which motherboard/cpu to buy!

    mpilchfamily: just want to thank you for your many replies...you've been a great help.
  19. Thanks!

    Of the three PSUs that I mentioned, which would you get? Here are the prices:

    Seasonic S12 600w - $149.00 Canadian
    Antec Truepower Trio 650W - $139.99 Canadian
    OCZ GameXstream 600W - 129.99 Canadian ($109 after $20 rebate)

    I'm also thinking about buying the Antec Solo case.
  20. I'll get either the Antec or the OCZ then (whatever they have in stock).

    Any recommendations on a good case? The smaller the better...cheaper the better.
  21. thanks again...

    I'll take a look at what the store has...I don't need the thing to be fancy either...just want it to be designed well (air-flow & well constructed).

    Looking at Motherboards now...will probably post in that section soon.

    If I have 1 IDE HDD and a DVD burner...will the P965 boards recognize them? I'd prefer to not have to buy a new HDD (SATA) right now.
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