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I could use alittle help on A7N8X-E Deluxe

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January 12, 2007 1:43:24 AM

Ok, I got a hard drive by acident that is a SATA 300 and I am trying to install on A7N8XE deluxe. I read somewhere that the fact that this motherboard can handle up to 150 that it will run at that speed and no utilize all the HD power. IS THIS CORRECT?

I hooked it up to the MB and it seems like it is recognizing it, but I am trying to install 2002 version of XP and it sayz that it can not find HD when installing windows. I read some people saying that you have to have new drivers installed on the bios, is this true since i have never had a SATA drive on my computer? I assume that the new drivers will help my MB to recognize the SATA drive. Please anyone that knows about SATAs please help me out. I have not been dealing with building computers for 3 years and am a bit behind. Thanks alot/.

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January 14, 2007 11:51:49 PM

I would start by checking your BIOS settings first. You more than likely still have it set to boot to HD-0 instead of SATA. Be sure the HD is connected to SATA1 and set your BIOS to boot to CD drive 1st and SATA1 2nd... doesn't much matter how you set any of them after that.

You would also need to check that SATA is enabled in BIOS, but I'm assuming it is... since you say the drive is being recognized.

As far as I know SATA support was in ALL versions of BIOS for this board, so a BIOS update will not solve your problem. If you're not familiar with BIOS settings, post back here.
January 15, 2007 2:39:55 AM

Hi I have this same motherboard & I am also trying to install a new Sata II 300 drive and am having problems. Here is some of what I have found out.
1. I have a Western Digital 250gb drive. I went to Wd website & found that you have to install a jumper that will limit the speed of the drive to 150. Place the jumper over pins # 6, second set from left. If you have another brand hd then check your drive documentation or the website.
2. This is in the mobo. manual. It says on page 5-2 & 5-3 to connect the serial ATA device and then install the Silicon Image Serial ATA Utility from the mobo support CD. (I tried finding this utility at & no results).
BUT, here is what I am not sure about, on this board, the SATA connectors are Raid 0 & Raid 1 connectors. So I don't know if the connectors will work as non raid devices or not. The manual also says you have to configure the raid by creating a RAID set. During POST press F4 or ctrl-S. see page 5-14 & 5-15 for details.
I am going to post this question about the RAID connectors here also & hope someone can help us both with that problem. I just wanted a SATA drive with more space to use as a second HDD not as RAID.
If I find out anything else I will post it for you.
Good Luck
January 15, 2007 8:00:24 PM


You problem is a bit different than the original one posted. that one is being used as a boot drive, yours is not.

Once you have the SATA drivers installed you should have no problem using it. Using a new SATA for a boot drive needs to be set up in BIOS so it boots to the SATA and not EIDE.

Go back to the Asus site for your particular board and the Silico drivers are listed there as a download, and the are on the original CD that came with the board also. I chose not to use the drivers from the CD and downloaded them from the Asus site when I built this system almost 3 years ago... sorry, I don't remember exactly where I obtained them from but I do remember I downloaded ALL mobo drivers and didn't even take the CD out of the sleeve.