Max range with regular 802.11g laptop?

Okay, I have seen all of these new Mimo routers, and a few claim higher speed and range with regular cards too, but is it true? My mom has an apple with an Airport Extreme card(Same as g), so that is what will be connecting wirelessly for the most part. What router would you guys suggest? When I get a new computer I will be moving out anyway, so it won't matter that much, but I will get a matching card for it if I end up getting Mimo or the like.

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  1. From everthing I read, some gain (minimal) but only if NO other 11g hardware that it can see. As for distance and speed the antenna plays a very criticle function. Most all mfg ship low gain antenna with combo units. These are not greet for distance. For the best distance and coverage you need high gain antennas. If you buy a AP seperate from the router you usually get these High gain antennas. Other wise its another $30-70 extra depending weather yours use 1 or 2 antenna. Which then makes the AP a better buy.

    With apples airports, most any std 11g hardware will work. Linksys makes good, well use too, till the WEP54G v5 came out (don't but his one). So if you buy a WEP54gs make sure you get a v2-4 model. These have twice the ram as the new model and uses lunix firmware that can be easly upgrade to after market fiirmware.

    You always want to match mfg if possiable, required if you want to use large packets (gs). At a minimum, match the chip sets used in the radios. I would not buy any MIMO or 11n hardware. All it takes is a neighbor to kill it or theres and they will not be happy.
  2. Yeah, I don't have a router, so that would require spending alot more money. So mimo can kill other networks too? I thought it was just the new draft-n stuff.
  3. There antennas are fixed so theres no upgrading them too.
  4. So how do you know if you're getting a V5? Also, if I got the WRT54G or GS, upgraded the firmware and antennas, would I be able to match the performance of the Mimo stuff with the non mimo client? I read in an older review of the Linksys WRT54GX that when connected with only a G client, the throughput doubled and range increased alot compared to the regular WRT54G.
  5. When connected at g only, 11b devices will not pull you down. This is the mode I run in. Also keeps you in large packet mode most of the time, 1088mbps. I believe with the proper antennas you will get ranges = to as the mimo hardware.

    The only thing tha may come into play is heat. With combo units you are sharing hardware plus the heat from the radio. Alway better if seperate. Besides by the time you buy the antennas you are at the cost of of a AP. Linksys high gains are 7dbi and the last time I checked they were $35 each.
  6. I have no B equipment, just 802.11g. In the THG review of the SRX equipped linksys, they reported increased range and throughput, some cases even doubling (The effect was greater at greater distances) when used with standard G clients. I'm wondering if upgraded antennas and aftermarket firmware can compensate for this.
  7. The srs use a bonding technique that use 2 channels of the allready crowed bandwidth. But requires all hardware to support it. I have never had a problem with my USR 11g hardware. Most built in hardware will not support it. With a upgrade antennas on a 11g will maintain connection and speed ever if other hardware is in the area. I use my wireless 99% of the time for everything. Have WPA at 128 bit, with 125mbps, just like wired speeds. There is a difference between 54 and 108/125. Once you are set to connect at the upper speeds, no problem. Remember your ISP is normally <6mbps. The large packet comes into play when moving large data.
  8. Yes, filesharing will be at a minimum, I'm just looking for the best range possible while using the standard g card in the laptop.

    Oh yeah, the card in the laptop can't do the highspeed 108 channel bonding type stuff, this is why I was looking at Mimo, as in the review it said that when using a straight mimo card, it had better range than the standard wrt54g.
  9. mimo won't work with the built in wireless, unless you use esternal pcmci card.
  10. According to Toms Networking there is some improvement with the use of a mimo router or access point and a regular built in or standard g card. Is this not true?
  11. It's a hit and miss thing.
  12. So what access point would you suggest? What about a router? Is it possible to make sure you're not getting the V5 linksys?
  13. Who and what to buy, thats a question every body ask. Is the router going to be in the same room as where the powerbook will be used? I need to know the max distance and number of walls that will need to be penetrated.
  14. 4 walls at most, probably less than 100ft away.
  15. I do not know of any combo units that will reach out of the box.

    My USR 5450 AP will with the matching pcmci card. But its close to $125 + the pcmci card. The new 5453 is the newer model of mine. has high gain antennas.

    I would try to relocate to a more centralized location. Otherwise you may need to use a repeater.
  16. Oh yeah, I had a Netgear mimo router a while back, it had the range but the DCHP didn't work on the wireless side no matter what I did (Netgear escalated my case even, nothing ever worked), so I rma'd it. Also, my walls are completely insulationless (Sucks in the summer, AC on constantly, still barely keeps up)., maybe a few wads of newspaper in there, so they should be relatively transparent in comparison to newer walls with tons of insulation.
  17. I think when I bought my 5450 the range spec at 1300', 350 ft indoors. I cover 4 walls and 50 ft now with it setting on low power.
  18. That should work, thanks for all your help, I'll look at my options and decide what to get.

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