Man I am Stumped - ATI 550pro help re: sound... Please

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I'll post system specs below, but man I hope someone can help. So our Bell Satilette PVR HDD is full, so I figured I just put together a home made PVR to record movies from Sat PVR to the computer. The only componant missing was the TV Card ,so I picked up ATI's 550Pro, matching it up to my 9800Pro. So I can record video off the TV/PVR to the computer, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get sound to record with the video.

The 550Pro comes with a little Dongle, the hook up procedure is to connect dongle to 550Pro cable out. Then from the PVR into the Dongle (By Svideo). What kind of baffles me about this setup, is the ATI 550pro cards has no direct sound input. By that I meen directly to the card, The only place I can figure for sound is on the dongle. The dongle has 1 (one) Svideo connector, and then the standard Composite connections (red, white, yellow). Well no sound is being captured via the Svideo connection (from dongle to PVR) so I dissconnected the Svideo and hooked up the Composite connections, with no luck.

I have no clue, I'm not a very technical person, but logically it seemed simple, and I believed with so few options, it should work. I don't know if I can add really any more, I did contact ATI, but have yet to hear back. I have performed extensive searches via net, but can find very little.


MB: Asus A7N8X Deluxe
CPU: AMD 2700+
Ram: Kingston Value 2x500 dual channel mode running
Video: ATI 9800Pro 128
TV: ATI 550Pro
Drives: 1x Burner - 1x DVD
HDD: Maxtor 80gb
PS: Antec 430w
OS: XP clean install, all updates
Sound: Using onboard, tested and working fine, tested several times actually.
Software: Using Intervideo DVR3 (latest ver. anyway, new purchase)

Well thanks for reading, if you have any valuable suggestions, I will gladly listen.

Oh I didn't spell check, please disregard any errors

Kindest Regards
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  1. I have a similar setup. I use the Sapphire Theatrix 550 Pro with my Sky box (digital satellite television). I use the 'S-Video' and 'RCA Out' on the Sky box to the 'S-Video' and 'RCA In' on the 550 Pro's dongle. I have Beyond TV setup to watch and record live TV and it works very well.

    I hope this helps somewhat.
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