Temperature concern

I have a P4 3.2 6XX H/T 800 FSB.... P5ND2 SLI MOBO.... mushkin ddr2 533 mhz 4-4-4-12... Ultra xfinity 500 watt psu... Ultra cpu cooler 3.2-3.8

current setting:

core speed-- 3920.1 mhz
mutiplier-- X16
buss speed-- 245 mhz
rated fsb-- 980 mhz

memory timing: original setting 4-5-5-13 dual channel

frequency-- 250 mhz
fsb:dram-- 1:1
cas# latency-- 2.0 clocks
ras# to cas# delay--3 clocks
ras# precharge-- 3 clocks
cycle time (tras)-- 5 clocks
bank cycle time (trc)-- 9 clocks

With this new settings it do not hang up. I tried burning movies using nero7 ulra edition. Also running at the same time, avira anti virus (scanning), Azureus and U-torrent downloading at the same time.... With all this running do not hang-up... with this load temp. is 42c to 51c on idle 24c

I benchmark the system using S&M 100% load, long... Everything passed with 42c to 51c ... mobo 46

Is the temperature o.k. ???
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  1. nice OC ...

    can i know what CPU cooler u using ?
  2. Quote:
    nice OC ...

    can i know what CPU cooler u using ?

    Ultra / Fire / Socket 775 / P4 3.8Ghz / Copper Core / CPU Fan
  3. can you give the exactly model of the cpu cooler ? it is air cooler or water cooler?
  4. Your temps are excellent under most cooling solutions with that processor.
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