Windows 7 home premium 64 bit OEM DVD freezes at starting windows

Hello, I just completed a new build and windows 7 does not install. I have an MSI k9n6pgm2-v2 mobo with athlon x2 7850 cpu and a seagate 1 tb sata hdd. POST and BIOS setup run fine but windows 7 freezes at starting windows screen? please help!
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  1. Did you do a clean install and have Vista or XP installed? With an OEM disc this is what you will have to do. Also do not activate it during the install. Wait untill windows is up and running and then activate. You will have 30 days to do this.
  2. this is a new build so there is no operating system installed.
  3. I have the same os and you have to have a previous version of Vista or XP to use the OEM disc but you will have to do a clean install and not the upgrade. You will need a Retail version to install on a disc with no os.
    Do you have a copy od Vista or XP with the key codes?
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