No Display, Bad Graphics Card?

I've tested my monitor and it seems to work fine. I've reseated the video card. It seems the computer will boot up but it doesn't detect any video, there are no beeping or post sounds. I powered it on and let it sit for awhile and then checked with my laptop to see if I could see it's hard drives on the network. They appear to show up just fine so it appears the computer is booting up and on the network.

Any ideas on what this could be? Is it just the video card? But wouldn't it not boot up properly with a video card that was bad?
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  1. What you describe could be memory, a bad mobo, a bad CPU, even a bad power supply.

    Did everything work before you changed the video card?
  2. I haven't put a new graphics card in it. It has been running fine for about a year. The motherboard was replaced about 6 months ago and along with it RAM since it uses DRAM2 instead of DRAM. It just stopped working.

    I didn't think it would be RAM because usually I'd at least get some display or a post error but I get nothing.

    If it was the motherboard, would it still show the network drives on the network after you let it set for a bit (time period for a normal bootup)?

    I did think about Power Supply but everything looks like it is powered on and good. But could still be the power supply. Just figured graphics since it seems to boot and no video display, but monitor does test fine.
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