That's Strange Card Seems Slower After Numerous Driver ....

I've been noticing everytime I upgrade drivers for my video card from the ati website my card has been degrading in speed. I can remember back when I had the 6.8 - 6.9 drivers and my computer was very quick on 3d benchmark 2005 - but now it seems I've lost maybe 10-15 points after every upgrade from 6.8 to now 7.1 ..

What could be causing my card to run slower? are these drivers really designed for my old card? I didn't really see anything in the read me notes that centered towards my card anyhow ... I mean do I really need to keep upgrading drivers? ..
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  1. 10 - 15 points is simply a margin of error in the Futuremark benching programs. Have you noticed any difference while gaming?
  2. no ... i guess that makes sense :D
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