P5B Deluxe Won't Post with 700 Watt Gamexstream PSU - Help!

I recently purchased an Asus P5B Deluxe mobo with 2GB Corsair DDR2 800 RAM, e6600 Intel dual core 2 cpu and 8800 GTS video card. I bought the mobo, chip, cpu fan, and ram at Fry's and paid $8.95 for them to conduct a post test whereby they hooked up a video card and PSU to the board and ensured that the board would post - which it did. Now...

After bringing it home and installing the mobo in the case and hooking it up to a new OCZ Gamexstream 700 Watt PSU this is what happens after turning on the power:

The Asus light on the board lights up blue but that's it! No cpu fan, case fan, video card, or anything else powers on. And, the PSU itself doesn't really turn on the way it normally would, i.e., it's own fan and internal lighting doesn't turn on. I've tested the PSU by conducting a "jumpstart" with a paper clip and hooked it up only to my case fan - and in that situation - the PSU DOES power on and provide power to the PSU properly. What gives? Is there some problem with the PSU being incompatible somehow with the board? I had a similar issue with an Antec NEO PSU and an Intel dual core 2 board a few months ago and the culprit in that case DID turn out to be the PSU. Please help.
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  1. My systeme is
    p5b deluxe wifi
    e6400 oc
    2g corsair ddr2 800
    raptor 150 g
    dvd burner
    ocz gamexstream 700w

    that run realy good..
    try your systeme with another psu ...
  2. How would I know if the mobo was "bad?" I've heard that if the blue asus light turns on it indicates a "good" board and that the board is not the problem.
  3. The blue light only confirms that the board is receiving power, it doesn't do any diagnosis or self test on the board.
  4. Now I'm assuming that since the only thing that is happening is the blue asus light turns on and no case, PSU, or heatsink fans turn on that the system is not getting enough power and that I'm not frying my cpu when powering on for a few seconds.
  5. Ok - I solved the problem - I neglected to do one very necessary thing after hooking everything up - I failed to turn on the power from the case switch - OMG! Now I've posted it to the bios this morning after realizing this. No name calling please I feel humbled enough. I'm just glad I didn't start returning the psu, mobo, etc.
  6. Live and learn. Congrats on getting your system up and running.
  7. Don't feel too bad. :)

    I know I have overlooked similar things in the past that has made me pull out my hair just as much.
  8. Thanks for going easy on me! One thing I did notice is upon first booting up (Not doing it now) is there was a very high pitch whining sound coming from somewhere inside my system. I powered it off, found that I had not attached the extra psu connection to my video card - and now it is booting up/posting just fine without the noise. What was the source of the high pitch whine??
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