8-PIN PCI-E connectors! Did they already hit?

Damn! I was almost sure that my next rig would be perfect. 8800 GTX with a quad proccesor and a good 750 watt supply. Now i have read that R600 and future cards will need a 8 pin connector. Do you have any idea when psu like them will be out? Maybe they are already? I want to hear your opinions on this connector and any thoughts you might have as to halt my psu purchase or not. :?
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  1. The new SilverStone Olympia powersupply features two 8-pin PCI-E connectors.
  2. Wall that's really expensive :( 1KW of power isn't a must. Thanks for replying man! If anyone else see something like 800 watt max plz let me know.
  3. Man that's great! :D At least i won't spend money in a psu upgrade that will no suffice for a gpu coming in the next few months! Thank you all for your help! :P
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