Motherboard repair help

I sell motherboards on E-Bay.
I test all of my boards to at least post before I list them.
Over the years, I have accumlated a TON of " bad " boards.
Some have obvious problems like bad caps, or blown components, but many of them look fine, just wont post.
Does anyone know of a place that repairs motherboards ??
I have some higher end boards that I think would be worth spending money to get repaired.

I've done a google search, but have come up empty.
Plus, it would be nice if someone is familiar with a place and can recommend them.

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  1. I have bought motherboards from Ebay and they wouldn't post or do anything because the battery was dead. Once I put in a new battery everything was fine.
  2. I should add some more info:

    First thing I do when I get a no post is to clear the BIOS.
    This has solved many non-post boards.

    I then replace the battery.

    I even try booting with an old PCI video card to make sure it's not the AGP slot.

    I double check to make sure the processor I'm using is compatible.

    I have 3 different memory chips that I try in the board.

    The only thing I hook-up when testing is memory, processor, and video card.
  3. Here's a place that does motherboard and CPU pin repair:
    Don't know anything about them but you might check it out.
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