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Wanting to push my trusty 4800 up to around 2.8ish. I have it clocked at 2.6 using the 10% auto over clock on my mobo. Idling around a true 39-40 ish and as high as 47-49 max while gaming. My room temps here in texas are a little warm. Im using the hs/f that game with the cpu retail( the nice amd copper heat pipe one) Im needing some help from someone with a similar setup to recommend me a better heatsink. I know of all the top models from Zalman Tunig Syche and thermalright and thermaltake but im wanting some real world opinions on what to expect. Ive read that the stock copper heatpipe hsf is pretty damn good.

BTW HAPPY NEW YEAR! We all need a new start 8)
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  1. I have a 4800+ and I have been very pleased with my TT Big Typhoon. It definitely is HUGE however so be sure it will work with your setup. I researched various coolers a while back and decided to go with this one and have never looked back. It is large, cools VERY well, and is also quiet.

    I would say either that or the Zalman cnps9500 heatsink/fan which is VERY popular and also cools very well.

    Or if you have some money and are feeling adventurous I would go with liquid cooling :)
  2. what are your cpu temps in celcius with what case and what are your ambient room temps in farenheit? I know there are lots of different variables but im trying to get 2.8 on air and maybe achieve a 50-55c during a couple hours of gameplay
  3. I am at work, will have to check at some point tonight or this weekend when I am home because I don't remember off hand what my temps/volts/etc are. I got mine running at 2.8 without real heat issues however so I would think you could be fine at that speed too.

    EDIT: I changed my mind, I vote you should get this cooler, the Tuniq Tower 120, I think it is probably the best choice:
    Its Big but it cools GREAT according to various performance tests and it has a fan controller so you can decide whether you want it super quiet or max cooling. Definitely go for this cause newegg has it in stock for once :)
  4. Zalman led9500 is quite good. I have slightly over clokked X4600 temperatures are just at this moment: (when writing...)
    CPU: +40C, 1638 rpm
    MB: +36C
  5. My FX55 runs 40 degrees F hotter than the room temperature at 100% cpu load, with a Zalman 9500. I've used several cnps 7000's on different 939's and with the fan turning it's slowest (low noise is my new bag) It performs identically to the stock coolers, and maybe a tiny bit hotter than the stock heatpipe cooler. Can't say at full RPM how they work cause I've never tried it.
    Oh and none of these has been OC'd.
  6. Man, I can't stress enough how much I hate the automatic overclocking functions some motherboards use... and the same goes for the software they come with. I had HORRIBLE luck with choosing those percentages and this was mostly due to my use of value RAM (ha!) No matter... using their utility I achieved (if I remember correctly) a stable 3% overclock... not exactly worth mentioning for an X2-4400+. After reading up online and adjusting virtually all of the settings manually I was able to achieve nearly 20% over stock speeds. If 3DMark 05 is an accurate indicator for gaming performance, that sort of overclock will be noticeable in high end games.
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