Quetsion about nVidia 680i mobo and Corsair Dominator RAM

Hi All,

I bought a EVGA 122-CK-NF68-AR NF680I 775 and TWIN2X2048-8500C5D RAM. During bootup, it says it is running at 800 MHZ, but the RAM should be 1067 MHZ.

I am assuming I need to OC the board to get out of the default settings. Has anyone worked with these two pieces and got it to work?

Thank you
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  1. Hi!
    BTW have you tired to Clear CMOS?? My memory clock is 1050MHz :( 5:5:5:15 2T.

    Like you I have the same mobo, memory and (?) E6600 CPU.

    In addition, I have 2 XFX 8800GTX ( 1 is not installed due to inadequate :( 600 watt PSU), and Tuniq 120 HSF.

    I used the following as my guide to OC this CPU.IGN: CORE @ DUO OVERCLOCKING

    There is another Overclocking Guide by Nvidia in PDF format. Try Google.

    OK now the results.

    So far my max OC is 3.150GHZ FSB 1400 (350 x 4). This is whether I increase the voltages or leave it at AUTO. So I left them on AUTO!

    The program ORTHOS (Blend - Stress CPU and RAM) displays an error within seconds if my FSB > 1400. At 1400 I ran ORTHOS over nite w/o an ERROR.

    The guide's rec voltages for this CPU/MOBO are:

    CPU CORE 1.45v
    CPU FSB 1.5v
    nForce SPP 1.50v

    The max for memory is 2.2v ( see Corsairmemory.com)

    IF you or anyone have any recommendations I would appreciate it.


    I have on order an ANTEC|P180B BLACK CASE and Coolermaster RS-850-EMBA Real Power 850 Pro 850w Power PSU to fit and run the second 8800GTX card
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