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Just though I'd share my experience with Antec's RMA process. I had a wire on a fan pull out of a plug, and had a really easy time getting a replacement. I simply had to email Antec's support and once I got a response, they had me reply with a copy of my invoice and a picture of the fan (with a blade broken and a number written on it). Within days, I had a brand new fan in my hands.

Kudos to Antec for not making me jump through a bunch of hoops to fix a simple problem.
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  1. I'm currently trying to get a replacement for a brand new Antec New TP 750W blue that was pronounced dead on the 3rd day I've switched it one, about 20 hours on only. It didn't show any signs whatsoever.
    I've turned the switch on and nothing happened, tried another cable and another power outlet and nothing. Plugged in my old Hiper 580W and the system powered up normally.

    I've first contacted them last Friday, today (after labor day) I've got a response that they are passing my problem to a sales rep in my area. Lets see the outcome. Strangely they've closed my ticket in their system and no RMA has been provided so far.
  2. That's a little different than my experience with Antec on a couple of PSU's (Power Supply Units) under warranty. :??:

    1) Antec in my experience has always replied to me within 24 -48 hours including once on a Saturday, but never on Sunday.

    2) I had an Antec True Power Trio TP3-650 Die on me after 4 years (Just recently August 2010) so it was still within its 5 year warranty and I had two choices.

    A) Send the defective unit to them and they will then ship a "New One" once they receive yours.

    B) “Express Exchange” where you give them the credit card info and they will send you a link where you purchase from their store (Be Sure That You Follow the Instructions that will be in your email from Antec and Include Your RMA Number in The Order So You Get Credited). Antec will then ship you a new unit. Just be sure to send your old unit to them ASAP so that your credit goes back on your credit card.

    The first time I choose the "Express" and they sent me the New Model TP-650.

    I had no issues with the exchange and they even give you a website where you can log in with your email and ticket number and see the status and all of your correspondence with the Antec support team.

    Now I had the New TP-650 quit on me right in the middle of an email lat week (October 2010) so they think there may be an issue with me not having quite enough wattage or amperage due to my Nvidia 470 GTX Video Card. :(

    I am going to try the TP-750 New (Not the Blue LED as I really do not need anything else added to draw even the slightest degree of a milliamp!)

    The TP-650 just shipped out to them Wednesday, so when they get it they will ship my new one out to me. (I did not use Express Exchange this time around as I have a backup PSU)

    Both Peter K and Brian at Antec have been very helpful on both of my PSU exchanges so far. :hello:
    So please let us know how yours went.
  3. Well I just want a replacement screw bag, but don't have a receipt. Why can't we just buy these things? Sending multiple messages and a scan of the receipt is over the top. Just have the resellers stock a few. The guys also refuse to send one cable tie with it for no particular reason. It's holding up my build with this stupid bureaucracy. Why not have serial numbers and then use that to track things??
  4. XuhQshinR said:

    Now I had the New TP-650 quit on me right in the middle of an email lat week (October 2010) so they think there may be an issue with me not having quite enough wattage or amperage due to my Nvidia 470 GTX Video Card. :(

    I think you just got unlucky and got another bad PSU, or it was damaged in transit. I've run dual GTX 460s and dual GTX 470s on my Antec Earthwatts 650W.
  5. I think that you may be right Boiler.

    The TP-750 is holding up well though and I now OC the 470 GTX way past the specs of the 480 GTX and put more air on it and its i holding up great to hours of play on BFBC2 at max settings on a 32" 120Hz 1080P HD Monitor. Averaging 80-90 FPS with higher spikes during gameplay so I am not complaining at all!

    The guys at Antec that I mentioned in my earlier post provided me with excellent customer service so I have no complaints on Antecs CS.

    Gameplay is awesome now, But of course it's never enough :D

    So did you attend Purdue? Just wondering because of your handle. Our daughter is a Purdue Grad. :sol:

    Have a great 2011
  6. I'm actually at Purdue now; started my 6th semester yesterday, technically.

    What do you have your 470 OCed to? I've been trying with my pair, but I think they keep overheating :/ I may have to turn up my fan to the point where I need headphones to drown it out...
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