New Build With Video Problems

I just build this system:

Asus A8N-SLI Premium Socket 939
eVGA Geforce 7900GS 256MB GDDR3 PCI-Express x16 KO
AMD Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego (stock 2.4GHz, not OC'd)
1GB (2x 512MB) Corsair ValueSelect 184-pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel
Artic Cooling Alpine64

My problem is that occasionally, when playing F.E.A.R. and X3:Reunion, the video glitches, stops, during gameplay. It is almost like it freezes. I have installed the 93.71 drivers, DX 9.0c, all drivers for the motherboard, updated windows, everything I can think of, and it still does it. The settings in both games are at about medium but it still does it. The 7900GS should be able (more than able) to play these games, even at medium settings, and my proc is idling at 26C - 32C, and never more than 50C under load, so that is not it. My laptop (which has a Turion64) has a driver in the add/remove programs for the Athlon64 Processor, but my new computer does not. It did not come up during windows update. Is this a problem? Anyone have any advice?
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  1. Sounds like your video card is overheating. Check to make sure the fan is operating normally and that the case has enough ventilation, especially around the card.
  2. My case has 5 fans - two out and three in - so ventilation is not a problem. I will have to check the video card fan though. What program will tell me the temp of the card? Speedfan has two temps that are at ~120C all the time and do not go up or down.
  3. Could be the forceware driver. Set the fan speed to 100% and see if the problem persists.
  4. Can I change the video card fan speed using speedfan, or is it part of the nVidia control panel? I'll update when I get home and get a chance to take a closer look.
  5. I had a similar problem with my xfx 7600GT. How I isolated the problem was by underclocking the graphic card after installing 'coolbits' regestry hack. Bring the two sliders about half of their normal settings and run the game you have issues with.

    If the problem goes away - then it is definately your video card, and you should RMA it.

    Good luck.
  6. I have the same motherboard. I think its the ram issues. I had bought Corasir Value ram, and it would not post. However, by using Kingston, it works perfectly. Try different ram and try running Memtest89. If it returns EVEN ONE ERROR, the mb is having issues w/ the ram.

    (Also check your power supply and make sure the EZ Plug is in)
  7. Thanks everyone, will post with some info this evening or this weekend.
  8. I ran Memtest-86 version 3.2 for a little over 2 hours, going through passes 1 through 6 of the standard test. No errors were found. Memory is fine. The fan on the video card is on, but I am not sure if it winds up to full rpm when under load. Is there a program that will tell me this? But the GPU temp gets as high as 60C and idles at around 45C, so I don't think that the card is overheating anyway. I reinstalled the drivers for video and it still does the glitch up, but possibly not as occasionally. I am not sure. I will have to de-clock the card and see if it goes away completly. Should I use RivaTuner? By how much should I de-clock it?
  9. This sounds like a bad power supply problem.

    What kind of power supply are you running? Can you check the rating it has @ 12v? If it's less than 16 amps, your video card might not be getting enough power.
  10. My power supply is a Turbolink Model ATX-CW500P4. +12V1 has 16A and +12V2 has 18A. That might be the problem? If so, please suggest a good power supply that is sub-$100.
  11. Quote:
    My power supply is a Turbolink Model ATX-CW500P4. +12V1 has 16A and +12V2 has 18A. That might be the problem? If so, please suggest a good power supply that is sub-$100.

    Hard way to find out - Finding a way to test power going to your video-card to see if the amps don't stay constant.

    Easy way to find out - Find someone else in your area with a PCI-Express video-card, become friends with them, get them to let you try out their card. Properly install it and see if it has the same problem.

    If it has the same problem with another card, it has to be power related.
  12. The hard way was actually the easiest. I took my amp clamp and put it around one of the yellow (+12 I assume) wire and it read 25A - 26A, but on the other yellow wire from the other plug (click link to see image for reference) it had no amperage is this good? I would think that both plugs should have the same amperage on the yellow wire.
    Newegg Link
  13. I am sorry, I was tired last night. The amperage being drawn by the card is between .10 and .30 on either of the two legs (see pic in last post). Is this normal amp draw for this card under load? The GPU hits about 60C when under load. Is my power supply giving enough power to the video card?
  14. Also I just heard one of my hard drives click very loudly. Could the hard drive be going bad? Would that cause the game to skip? I have not heard it click when in game, but my guess is that the drive is not reading properly, thus causing the skips in game. Anyone know if my power supply has enough power to supply my system or is it the hard drives?
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