I´m interested in changed my graphic card to a highest one.

I´ve recently tried the radeon 9600 pro, but it seems to be uncompatible with my motherboard because it didn´t work well, it blocked my computer and i can´t hardly play games, so i´m going to change it.

So I write you, just in case you could help me, and recommend me a graphic card you could know that matches and works well with my motherboard.

My motherboard is an ASROCK P4VT8+ chipset VIA VT8763 Apollo PT800, and I´m looking for an AGP card with 256 MB,

YouRs sincerely,
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  1. What do you mean 'it blocked your computer'?
  2. Hi;

    Firstly thanks for answer so fast.

    When I was trying to play a game, it loaded the previous credits, and depending on the game, the screen became black, so I can do nothing, other times, I can´t come back to windows so I had to reiniciate my computer, or in other occasiones an VPU ERROR appears from the Ati Control panel,

    I tried reinstalling the drivers, the games, clenaning the register...changing values on the BIOS...but nothing. so I had to return it to the shop.

    Finally they determined that it could be due to the voltage, so they recommend me to look for other graphic card.

    My motherboard is an ASROCK P4VT8+ chipset VIA VT8763 Apollo PT800
  3. The 9600 PRO requires very little juice, so if it's a voltage problem your PSU may be woefully underpowered.

    How many watts is your Power Supply rated at? What brand? How many amps on the 3.3, 5, and 12v rails?

    What CPU are you running, how many drives do you have and how much RAM?
  4. My PSU has 350 watt, I´ve tested the power that my computer need and I´ve enough with that PSU.

    My motherboard is an ASROCK P4VT8+ chipset VIA VT8763 Apollo PT800, It´s a Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz , 1 Giga Ram, Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster XFI.

    I think tha the problem is the voltage of the agp slot, mines is running at 1.5 V and nowadays many cards are running at 0.8 V. so...I don´t know what to do.
  5. You're describing AGP 4x voltage and AGP 8x voltage.

    But any AGP 8x card should work in a 4x slot, so that shouldn't be the problem...
  6. Yes, I know. The ones that I´m using is a Radeon 9250 128Mb 8X and it runs well, do you know any graphic card that could work well in my motherboard?
  7. Any AGP 8x card should work as well unless there is a proiblem with the card.

    How much do you have to spend?
  8. my advice to you is to save up or spend on credit or somthing about 800$ or slightly less. maybe get the intel e6300 and like a radeon x850 or even better the x1900, very cheap comparativly. but i think your radeon 9600 is broken or your motherboard is. P4's are gay
  9. :sigh: P4s are fine.

    That CPU is still decent, but it is important to find out what's causung your instability. I wouldn't assume it's the 9600, but if a 9200 is working fine it might have been.
  10. Thanks very much for your help.

    Tomorrow I´m to a shopping center and I´m going to try another one with similar characteristics in order to see if it was problem of the graphic card or on the contrary the motherboard.

    I think that it could be such a strange kind of incompatibility between my computer and the 9600 pro, so, I expect to solve the problem with other card.
  11. I wouldnt do that if i were you you would then have another graphics card. and of course I dont know for certain but if you bought the 9600 pro new, there almost cannot be anything wrong with it. Did you call ati tech support? what games are you trying to play? the radeon 9250 doesnt support DBX9 while the 9600 pro does is it posible that the games are so old they like arent compatible with DBX9.c? P4's are/were money hungry, energy guseling, and net burst sucks! DEATH TO NETBURST and intel should have skipped the pentium D's alltogeather. you almost could have called me a amd fanboy uptill the conroe and even the smaller cached umm... well E6300 and E6400's

    enough of that though

    1. What games are you playing?

    2. did you call ati tech support?

    then lastly get a new mobo unless you want to spring for a new computer.

    but I want to know what country your from and what games your playing. I'm curios
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