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Hi guys,

My old 875 mobo recently had a case of "fried MOSFET", so planning to get a fairly decent C2D setup, I've looked around a bit and found out the following to be quite suitable:

1. Motherboard - ASUS P5BE PLUS
2. Processor - Intel C2D E6300
3. Graphics card - ASUS X1950 pro
4. RAM - 1GB Kingston DDR667
5. PSU - Enermax Liberty 500W

(I have all the other stuff like a hard drive, sound card etc from my old pc)

I play quite a lot of FPS games, but not at all crazy about ultra quality graphics, and have no plans to overclock anything at all.

I'm thinking of using stock cooling, not sure if that is enough though.

It would be a great help to me if somebody can have a look at these and give me some advice/comments about the choices i've made.

Thank you.
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  1. if you have no plans on overclocking ddr2 533 ram is all you need, maybe look into a faster cpu too to make up for it and 2 gigs or ram. it depends on what your budget is and what fits into it.
  2. Agreed.

    You could also look into a cheaper 965 mobo that offers many features at a better price (minus the overclocking ability).

    The stock C2D heatsink will be fine. Just make sure you have some decent airflow in your case. Get a couple silent 120mm fans (1 front intake, 1 rear exhaust) if you don't have them already.

    For your gaming purposes, that vid card should be fine.

    PSU is good.

    Looks like some possible dollar savings, but other than that, you should should be good to go.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply drummerdude, the thing is, I'm getting my stuff from Malaysia,shops in our country just heard about core duo, it'll be quite sometime before they even think about getting C2D, anyway, the price difference between 533 and 667 is quite small so I thought of going for better RAM and maybe get a better proc sometime later. Btw any thoughts on cooling? do you think stock cooling is enough? Thanks
  4. stock cooling will be fine
  5. Hey skyguy, just saw your reply, and i guess that answered my question to drummerdude abt the cooling, well I'd go for a cheaper board but i'm really tired of unstable systems right about now, had a nightmare with my MSI 875P neo FIS2R board, used to crash/restart, give out BSOD's like nobodies business, no matter what i tried , update bios, buy better ram, buy better psu, something would always come up and ruin the day. I don't think it had anything to do with heat because i took out pretty much everything that can be removed from the casing and kept the ceiling fan in my room at full speed always. But then again that could've caused the MOSFET to fry because of all the dust that used to accumulate.

    Anyway, the idea abt couple of fans sounds great, compared to what i did with my old system, i'll get right on it

    And I decided to go for this ASUS coz I heard/read some really good things about their intel boards and also because the price difference isn't much between this and the cheapest ASUS P965 chipset board available at the shop.

    Thanks a lot guys for helping me out. Tc. AR
  6. When I said "cheaper board" I meant a more affordable, stable motherboard, that's all. The 680i is a high-end, enthusiast's board. The Gigabyte DS3 or ASUS P5B-E, for example, are stable mainstream motherboards that are much more affordable. Both of those are excellent boards and highly recommended around here. Both are also very stable and perform great with overclocking. So that's what I meant, sorry for the confusion.

    And yes, get the 667 RAM instead of the 533 if it's close in price.
  7. ah, i see, my bad for not realising that earlier, sorry couldn't finish the message, had a little prob with the touch pad in my laptop, something happened and the message was submitted, lol, anyway, thanks again.
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