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The card for me?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 12, 2007 4:06:34 PM

I just finished building a system with the following specs (all by myself :p  ):

Intel E6600
ASUS P5N32 Mobo
2 gig PC6400 ram
320gb SATA2 16MB cache HDD
OCZ 600 Watt PSU
Radeon X300 SE based card :?

So as you can see the final piece is a video card. The card in there was stolen out of an older system just to get to the point where I can say everything is working etc.

My situation is the following: I have enough cash for an EVGA 8800 GTX, but not sure if I really need it. I play games casually, and after shelling out the cash I want to be able to play games with *all* the eye candy turned on, at 1280x1024. This includes all currently released games, and atleast a reasonable way into the future (1 year?), excluding possibly the DX10 features if I go with a DX9 card. Is the 8800 GTX needed for this, or can I get away with one of the midrange cards? If so, what would you suggest?

I guess what I want to avoid is buying a 300$ card now, then another one in 6 months, or worse, when I could just buy a 600$ card now.


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January 12, 2007 6:49:29 PM

First off, nice rig (except for the X300, which I have in a pre-built system that I hate.20-30 FPS in COD2 :cry:  )

Second, at 1280X1024 the GTX is overkill. My recommendation is that you deal with the X300 for another few months and wait for R600 cards and mid end G80 cards. That way you can get your DX10 cards at the best possible price.

I am the same way with you. I want to upgrade the card in the comp in my sig but can't see spending the money only to turn around and buy another card 8 months later.
January 12, 2007 7:15:56 PM

The problem, in my mind anyway, is that I have a high end system with a POS graphics card. For instance, in Company of Heroes I have to turn settings down a fair bit before the frame rate is what I would call acceptable. I guess what I'm asking is: Is there a card out there that is cheaper than the GTX/GTS that won't be obsolete in the next 6 months? Or atleast something that is ~$150 that will kick my X300's ass until I decide to get a DX10 card?
January 12, 2007 8:58:33 PM

DX10 wise, NVidia is suppoesd to be coming out with a 300 USD version of the GTS soon. It only has 300 something mb of ram but should still perform well.

$150 wise, look at for 7900 gs'. Good card and most of them have mail in rebates.

I would highly recommend going with this 7900 GS KOmainly because of eVGA's step up program. Buy that card and within 90 days step up to a GTS or GTX and only pay the difference. Excellent deal.