Help with possible graphics card problem please


My PC has developed a weird problem.... and i am assuming its a card problem, I'll try to explain.....

Display looks fine while using the internet and playing online games,
Apps appear fine too - no problems
Desktop looks a mess, I get little verticle lines (about 2-3 mm)(usually red) all over the screen especially around any icons and my cursor!

I have installed new graphics drivers - nothing changed.
Tried different VGA lead - nothing changed
Different CRT monitor - no change (worse)

I have a Radeon 9200 256Mb AGP card, MS-6712 Motherboard, KT400 Chipset, 1,024Mb Ram, Athlon xp1700+, 2 hard drives 180GB and 160GB

If it does sound like the card is shot, could i replace it with a 512MB Radeon X1600PRO?

Driving me nuts! any ideas? Any help much appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like a dying card to me...

    Does the fan actively spin (assuming the card has a fan)?
  2. A 256MB X1600Pro is more than enough. Don't waste the extra money on the 512MB. Here's a nice deal on an X1600Pro with a mail-in rebate.
  3. thanks for the response guys

    cleeve, no fan on the card.

    anoobis, i'm in the uk, thanx for the link but not really practical.
    I will have a look round and post again to get some feedback on card choices.

    thnx again guys
  4. then try this one:

    or rather than getting a X1600, why dont u just get a 9800 pro. its better than the x1600 and cheaper. though you might have to use ebay to get one...cant seem to find a site that is still selling it :?
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