Solved: Folder Redirection EventID 111

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[GoogleBlog, It took me quite a while to solve this problem, here are the
results of my investigations.]

I created a new user, installed my applications and made sure everything was
working using UserA. I then copied this profile in another directory,
renamed NTUSER.DAT into NTUSER.MAN to make this the mandatory profile of

The profile was not applied to the user, event log recorded EventID 111 &
1085, and userenv.log contained the following:

USERENV(1e0.cc0) 13:09:09:606 ProcessGPOList: Entering for extension Folder
USERENV(1e0.cc0) 13:09:09:606 LogExtSessionStatus: Successfully logged
Extension Session data
USERENV(1e0.cc0) 13:09:09:622 GetHkeyCU: RegOpenKey failed with error 5
USERENV(1e0.cc0) 13:09:09:622 CreateEnvironmentBlock: Failed to open
USERENV(1e0.cc0) 13:09:09:622 ProcessGPOList: Extension Folder Redirection
returned 0xcb.
USERENV(1e0.cc0) 13:09:09:622 ProcessGPOList: Extension Folder Redirection
was able to log data. RsopStatus = 0x0, dwRet = 203, Clearing the dirty bit
USERENV(1e0.cc0) 13:09:09:622 ProcessGPOs: Extension Folder Redirection
ProcessGroupPolicy failed, status 0xcb.

Error 5 is "Access Denied". Therefore, before copying UserA profile to
UserB, make sure you grant sufficient rights to HKEY_CURRENT_USER to UserB.
In my case, I granted Read/Write to "Domain Users".

Use the program "regedt32" to access registry permissions (it's not
available in regedit).

Note: Granting read-only access is not enough since folder redirection needs
write access to:
Shell Folders
No write access to those keys results in EventID 106. Maybe granting Write
only to those two keys would be enough, but i had issues with other
installed software, so I decided to grant Read/Write to the whole thing from
HKCU. It is re-copied from the server every login anyway.

And that's it. I hope that this information will someday be useful to

Jérôme Tremblay
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  1. Thanks Jérôme.. this article is superb and solved my problem whilst saving me a lot of trouble.

    I had rebuilt some machines in my lab and a single user account (used by many students) was no longer getting the folder redirection on those machines. I carried out your instructions.. then deleted any existing profile (for that account) from those machines.. rebooted and logged-in with no problems.. all machines back as before.

    Many, many thanks

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