New question: when will dx10 come out?

i am building my first pc and i want it to run vista and dx10. i was thinking about the 7900gs cuz this site recommended it. but i dont kno if it is dx10 ready or not.

i saw the vista compatable sticky, but is that the same as dx10 compatable?
if this card isn't compatable can someone plz suggest a different card that is?
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  1. There are only two cards that can fully support DX10. The Nvidia 8800 GTX and GTS. ATi will be coming out with their DX10 cards shortly.

    The 7900 can run Vista but it cannot play games using DX10. That is not to say it can't play the games at all. I believe the games will still be able to run using DX9, but not with all the new eye candy of DX10.
    Hope this helped some.
  2. that did help some but are there going to be any sensibly priced dx10 gfx cards anytime soon? (by the way when is dx10 coming out :? )

    should i wait or get 7900gs now and then sli it later?
  3. Don't get a 7900GS; either wait for ATI's Direct X10 GPU to see what's going on in the market, or buy an X1950XT as it's a lot faster than the 7900GS and it shouldn't break the bank.
  4. sry ATI is not an option for me because i believe that nvidia is much stronger (and i hav their stock) this is an nvidia forum anyways
  5. He does have a point even if you don't buy ATi cards. Ati's release is expected to drop Nvidia's prices.

    Nvidia is supposed to be releasing a $300 GTS version soon and mid range cards in the spring or so.
    Full versions of Vista are slated to be released in a mont or so I believe.

    Worst case, buy either an eVGA 7600GT KO or a XFX 7600 GT XXX to hold you till DX10 prices drop. Both sell for around $100 after rebates and perform well.
  6. thx lostandwandering

    ps will dx10 be out when vista is or later?
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