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Need some help choosing an aftermarket heatsink to cool my c2d. I would like to keep the price under or right around $30 and would love it if it had another mounting option than the push pins. Also, I have never used as5 before and if I can find a good heatsink with preapplied thermal paste, that would be even better as I am a complete newbie to building systems. It will be used in conjunction with a gigabyte 965P S3 board and an ATX mid tower. Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. try the arctic cooling at new egg.
    it is around 30$ and is a good cooler.

    it has a pre-applied paste that is as good as as5.

    and it is easier to mount than the stock cooler.
  2. thanks, I will consider this as it satisfies my requirements. Anyone other suggestions or can someone that owns the arctic cooler let me know of their impressions
  3. The Intel OEM cooler is free (assuming you are getting a boxed CPU), works well (as long as you get the pins mounted correctly), and cools nearby components as well as the CPU. What don't you like about it?
  4. i dont know if my e6300 just ran hot or what but my temps at idle where mid to high 50s and under load 55 - 60 C. I thought it was a problem with how the heatsink was mounted so I reinstalled and still had the same problem. Would like to get temps lower so that I can look to overclock. Also, I would just feel better knowing that my investment is protected. The current setup is a gigabyte 965p s3, 7600GT, 1GB G.Skill DDR2 667, and a lian li case with two 120mm fans.
  5. Remember, you need to remove the remnants of the old thermal compound and add fresh goop when you reinstall a hsf.
    Within the last year or two, Intel redesigned their OEM fans to emphasize quietness over cooling. There are a couple of things to try:
    1) Your MB BIOS may allow you to specify the temperature set points at which the CPU fan starts to speed up and goes to max speed. On my MB, I set the CPU fan to start speeding up from 35C and reach max speed at 50C.
    2) It may help to plug the CPU fan into a standard 3-pin fan header instead of the 4-pin CPU fan header. Under these conditions, the fan will rely on its built-in temp sensor to control its speed.
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